Long lines continue for alleged fuel shortage in Tijuana

There were still long lines on Wednesday morning

On Tuesday, May 21, hundreds of Tijuana natives panicked due to the news about a fuel shortage in the city caused by a blockade at the Pemex Rosarito plant by neighbors of Colonia Maclovio Rojas that are protesting to get an answer on their demands for property deeds.

Tijuana natives continue panic buying gas

Though some people were reporting regular traffic flow in Tijuana's gas station during the morning of Wednesday, May 22, several gas stations with long lines were shown on social media.

There were some users and Tijuana residents who have revealed that some gas stations are not providing services as they don't have any gasoline or just have diesel.

During this morning's press conference led by the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, this issue was addressed. The Secretary of the Interior, Alfredo Álvarez Cárdenas, claimed that there is communication with Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) and it has been explained that there won't be a total shortage of fuel.

He added that the issues that gas stations in Tijuana have had are due to panic buying, specifically of regular gas, and that's why it has ran out in several establishments. In addition, he claimed that pipes have arrived in Tijuana and Mexicali in order to provide enough fuel supply for citizens.

He also said that they are working together with the federal government, which recognizes the right to protest by citizens who are currently at the PEMEX Plant. They are currently setting up permanent work councils and establishing assistance triangles to propose and negotiate with protestors.

So far, people are recommended to not panic buy at gas stations and to use gas in a moderate manner so that stations don't run out of it.

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