25 pesos per liter! Gas prices increase after fuel scarcity in Tijuana

Workers of closed gas stations have been left with no tips, an essential part of their economic livelihood

Chaos experienced in the last few days due to a fuel scarcity in Tijuana has begun to take different proportions.

First, in some gas stations, prices per liter have begun to become exponentially more expensive. Some stations have increased their prices to up to $25.29 pesos per liter and some clients have even paid up to $26 pesos per liter at different spots.

Due to this, the president of Onexpo-Baja, the most important gas station association in the state, Carlos Rubio Arreola, said that this is not something that they can regulate, as it is part of free economic competition. However, he did say:

I invite other gas stations to be sensitive, we must not play with people's pain and needs.

How many gas stations are lacking in fuel?

Carlos Rubio claimed that of the 278 gas stations in Tijuana, Tecate, and Playas de Rosarito, 123 are closed due to lack of fuel, which represents 44% of them.

As such, on Tuesday, May 21, some gas stations started to "ration" their gas, limiting it to $500 pesos per vehicle so that everyone can get gas for their cars.

Due to this whole situation, he said that "they respect the right of inhabitants of the town of Maclovio Rojas to protest”, but thinks that there could be other paths to take.

Gas workers affected

In addition, an issue that cannot be dismissed is how this economically affects gas stations' workforce. Workers of the Rendichicas branch located at El Soler said that the lack of services is affecting their economy.

They said that the company continues to pay them a comprehensive salary, despite several days of inactivity with no gas. They are still working their hours hoping that a gas pipe arrives, despite the fact that they need two or three of them for daily operations.

However, they fear that the company's losses become so huge that they won't be able to be paid anymore, not to mention, that a great part of their economic livelihood is from tips that they receive from clients.

Worker Guadalupe Rivas said:

Tips are very important to pay the expenses we all have, and we have not worked in four days. Imagine how important it is for us. We are overdue, debts don't wait.

She added that coming to work was hard because fewer vehicles arrived to the gas station and she had to accept a neighbor's help who had offered her a ride.

They are asking authorities to reach an agreement soon with protestors of the Maclovio Rojas town who have been blocking the entrance to the supplying PEMEX plant in Playas de Rosarito since May 20.

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