Rocío Adame promises prosperity and transparency at final campaign event for the mayor's office of Rosarito

The candidate of the "Sigamos Haciendo Historia" coalition successfully ended her campaign accompanied by thousands of supporters

Rocío Adame, candidate for the Sigamos Haciendo Historia coalition, ended her electoral campaign surrounded by hundreds of supporters who have decided to trust her.

The final event of Adame’s campaign occurred on Sunday, May 26 at the Municipal Palace of Rosarito and had the distinguished presence of MORENA Baja California president, Catalino Zavala, who firmly supported Adame's candidacy and said that he trusts in her ability to lead the municipality towards a prosperous and fair future.

In addition, local congressman candidate for District 15, Fidel Mogollón, joined the event to support Rocío Adame and highlighted the importance of working together in order to achieve progress and wellbeing in the community.

During her speech, Rocío Adame reiterated that to consolidate the Fourth Transformation in Playas de Rosarito, it is vital that the community votes overwhelmingly all for MORENA.

"I reaffirmed in front of you my commitment of having a government close to the people and that really addresses people's concerns. Authoritarianism and helping only your friends are over, we are going to really govern for all people," Rocío Adame stated.

Among distinguished guests at this final campaign event, there were:

• Ricardo Alberto Bejarano Núñez: Candidate for Property Trustee
• Stephanie Celeste Esquivel Ortiz: Candidate for the 1st Property Council
• Mayra Karina Robles Aguirre: Candidate for the 2nd Property Council
• Luisa Vanessa De La Cruz Díaz: Candidate for the 3rd Property Council
• Gustavo Fidel Ortiz Mendoza: Candidate for the 4th Property Council
• Yoselin Dellanira Peña Melendrez: Candidate for the 5th Property Council

The presence of these distinguished representatives shows the wide support and unity around the candidacy of Rocío Adame for the mayor's office of Rosarito. During her speech, Adame reaffirmed her commitment with the community and her determination to work tirelessly to build a more prosperous, safer, and more equal municipality for all inhabitants.

The event was the proof of the overwhelming support that Rocío Adame has received throughout her campaign and signaled the beginning of a new phase of the fight for the wellbeing of Rosarito.

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