Explore the beauty of hiking in between valleys at "El Descanso" in Rosarito

Discover a natural paradise where hiking will take you through wonderful green landscapes and lakes

Located near Primo Tapia in Rosarito, Baja California, El Descanso is a place that delights hiking fans. This destination stands out due to its natural beauty and the diversity of activities that it offers.

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A spring paradise

El Descanso is especially spectacular in spring when the entire landscape becomes a vibrant green. This environment invites hikers to explore its trails while enjoying the fresh air and panoramic views.

Encounters with local fauna

One of the most charming features of this place is the presence of farm animals at the end of the hike. It is common to see cows and horses which adds an amazing touch to this experience. These encounters with local fauna provide a special connection with nature that will delight visitors of all ages.

Challenges and fun in your path

Small lakes makes splashes around the trail enhancing the landscape while also presenting a fun challenge: prepare to get your feet wet when crossing them. These bodies of water add an element of fun and adventure, which makes every step of your trail memorable.

Impressive panoramic views

The view from the highest spots of this trail are simply amazing. From there, one can see the size of nature in all of its splendor. These panoramic views offer a visual reward that makes climbing worth it, allowing hikers to contemplate the vast extension of this landscape.

For hiking fans, "El Descanso" is a destination that you cannot miss. With its combination of natural beauty, fun challenges, and impressive views, this place offers a complete and gratifying experience for everyone who wants to connect with nature and enjoy a free adventure outdoors.

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