Apple´s Steve Wozniak closes out Tijuana Innovadora

More than 918,000 people assisted the event

21 days of celebration of all the great advances of Tijuana culminated this past weekend. As one of the main attractions at this year's event, the conference that was led by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak filled the auditorium at the CECUT to its maximum capacity, and whether the reason for a full house may had to do with just fans of the brand, or just for the personal admiration of those who engage in technology development. This close out over exceeded all expectations.

One key point that Wozniak mentioned was the methods that are used in education, in which not everything can be learned through books, therefore both students and teachers must look for different learning strategies.

Mentioning Steve Jobs was something inevitable, by which Wozniak spoke a little about his experience in working alongside one of the big technological geniuses, and during the questions and answer sessions a young student who attended the conference addressed him by mistake as Mr. Jobs, which was something that was talked about by those who attended the event and in all the social networks.

One of the main topics at the event was about the future in technology, which for Wozniak his focus is on smartphones and according to him, that's something that in the long run will know us better than we know ourselves.

To continue with the festivities on Sunday October 21st, there was a big cultural event outside of the CECUT right at the "glorieta de las Tijeras" (scissors monument roundabout).

Many streets were closed for any type of vehicle traffic, and the people who attended the event were able to enjoy performances by various groups and artist who included the Baja California Orchestra, musical band "La Ballena de Jones" who interpreted one of their great songs "La ciudad despierta"(the city awakes), and also Boreal along with Bostich who both electrified the crowd, and for the grand finale of the event, Fussible del Collectivo Nortec offered a concert.

During the 21 days of conferences, expositions, visitors and tours more than 918,000 locals and tourists combined witnessed of what Tijuana has to offer to the region and to the world.

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