Priest's Drug Cartel short film causes outrage

11 more will be produced

MEXICO.- The violence that has plagued Mexico caused by organized crime, prompted a priest to write and produce a series of short films designed to retrieve the values of a society that has been hurt, and at the same time humanize drug traffickers.

The project which a group of communication students are also involved in, seeks to "avoid more bloodshed" between brothers in a country where more than 70,000 people have been killed in the last six years in actions linked to the drug cartels.

"Enough of injustice, resentment and revenge," Omar Sotelo Aguilar, told Efe.

Aguilar is head of the project, which despite being endorsed by the Mexican Catholic Church, he created this project "independently and as a civic duty."

The goal here is to "put our two cents and contribute to the repair of a society that has been badly hurt by the wave of violence, marked by thousands of deaths, has engendered chains of hatred, resentment and revenge," said the director of the Catholic Center Multimedia (CCM).

The series called "Hermano Narco (Narco Brother). Could you forgive him?" will feature 12 chapters that will be presented "one per month".

This is a series of dramatic short films that tells the stories of victims and perpetrators of drug trafficking, which "seeks to transform the hearts of criminals, but especially the heart of those who suffer the consequences of these types of tragedies."

The first 8 minutes of the first Chapter was presented last weekend, in front of dozens of parishioners at the end of Sunday Mass at the Cathedral in Mexico City.

Currently, on YouTube's website this video has been viewed more than 32,000 times, and has received 112 thumbs up and 270 thumbs down in disapproval.

Most of the comments that this video has received are negative, in which some users have expressed their disappointment and criticize the Catholic Church for endorsing this project.

A user wrote on YouTube's website, "Those who made this video have no idea of how the people who have been victims of drug violence and of the government feel. Forgiveness is not the solution to resolve violence."

VIDEO : Hermano narco


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