Ben Affleck receives death threats after being cast as the new Batman

Comic book fans respond with violence

After the news broke out that Ben Affleck would be the one playing the role of the new Batman for the "Man of Steel" sequel as Superman's mentor, fans of this type of comic-movie adaptation started to show their discontent with the casting choice, making negative predictions of the movie's outcome based only the failure of the movie adaption of Daredevil, in which Ben Affleck played the lead role, failing to win over the audience.

With the barrage of Facebook Pages and memes showing how upset fans are with this choice, the popularity of these types of pages keeps rising with things such as:

"Fans against Ben Affleck as Batman"

"Boycott Ben Affleck as Batman"

"Ben Affleck anti-batman campaign"

"Stop Ben Affleck from ruining Batman"

"Cast Alfredo Casero as Batman before Ben Affleck"

And many more pages alike where they mock and unload their hatred toward the actor, there was even a formal petition to the White House to try to stop Ben Affleck from playing the role, and the madness has rise even into death threats.

According to the web page Comic Book Movie, the Facebook site for "Man of Steel" fans reached a point where it had to post the following statement to calm the tides:

"It's quite another, and totally unwarranted, to message death threats to the page admins over it.

...to make a threat of violence against any person is completely unacceptable and it diminishes the credibility of ALL superhero genre fans and dismisses you all into a non-relevant "lunatic" category.

...have turned off private messaging this morning. We have no plans of when it might be turned back on again. If you don't like a casting choice, please find respectful ways, non-violent ways of expressing it. "

They say that if there is something you should fear it should be an angry mob, given that a group of people joined together because of rage, can be very dangerous. Is it justified? Obviously not, given that there are a lot of elements that can either make of break a movie, and given Ben Affleck's recent performances he at least deserves the benefit of the doubt. Let us hope that there aren't any bad consequences, after all it's just a role in a movie, and acting is his job.

Recently the actress Anna Gunn from the series "Breaking Bad" was in a similar situation, given that there was a notable increase in hate toward her character in the series "Skyler White" and you could read all sorts of comments on several different pages where there were also death threats.





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