Baja California

The Best Surfing Spots in Baja California

There is something for everybody: from amateurs to pros

BAJA CALIFORNIA is a state with so much to offer, from a growing culinary industry to an incredible wine region, a growing craft beer industy, and cultural offering unlike most places. Which is why it is not surprising that its beaches offer so much more than a day in the sun.

Baja California has always been a sort of refuge for surf lovers on both sides of the border, looking for a place to enjoy the waves without the hassle of the crowds. To be able to wade out and disconnect from the world a while, and why not, after your down have plenty of options to go out and eat and drink afterwards.

Here we have some recommendations of the best surf spots in the state of Baja California.

    Baja Malibu

Similar to Malibu in California, Baja Malibu has beautiful beaches yet still maintains the "small town" vibe, but the main difference is its waves which are some of the widest in all of the Pacific. Waves can get to be up to four meters high and are consistent, so you don't have to wait for a good set.

    Boca de Santo Tomas

There is a small place in Baja California called Boca de Santo Tomas, a small village dedicated primarily to fishing. Here you will find smooth and consistent sets.

    Punta San Jose
Foto por Troy Brajkovich
Foto por Troy Brajkovich

One of the most attractive and best kept secrets Ensenada is without a doubt Punta San Jose, a desolate beach with strong waves for the more adventurous surfer. Make sure you take plenty of provisions and take a buddy, because you will be literally in the middle of nowhere.

    Todos Santos

An impressive sand and rock beach where you will see some of the most intense waves in all of Baja, sometimes reaching up to 18 meters high in a section, dubbed "killers" by tourists. Definitely only to be surfed by experts.

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