Founding Father of Singapore Dies At 91

People mourn his death

SINGAPORE.- Usually, people in the political sphere live conflict to conflict, often common and logical due to corruption, censorship and other types problems that oppress citizens. However, in the case of Singapore this is (or was) completely different.

On Monday, after the death of Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew was announced, people filled the streets in order to mourn the absence of one of Asia's most influential politician, given that Kuan Yew's reign for more than three consecutive decades were known for harvesting prosperity and a richness that transformed Singapore into the economic power that it is today.

Image: BBC News
Image: BBC News

Lee Kuan Yew was a 91 year old man who fell ill last February 5th due to pneumonia, an illness that forced him to live his last days to an artificial ventilator. After spending nearly two months in the hospital, on Sunday night (or Monday in Singapore) Kuan Yew passed away leaving a country without comfort. Today they pay homage, to their nation's father and founder, given that this was the same man that supervised the country's independence in 1965.

BBC described Kuan Yew's political strategy as a "mixture of private capitalism and State intervention" that surprisingly enough transformed Singapore into a modern state, placing them in a very attractive spot for foreign investment.

Image: Asian Pacific
Image: Asian Pacific

Due to all his achievements and efforts to raise Singapore to the position it occupies today, Juan Yew's colleagues remember him with affection and nostalgia. His son, Singapore's current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loongconfirmed the news through a televised message where he announced that there will be seven days of national mourning to commemorate the country's former leader and father.

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