Shrimp with spicy octopus, the Tijuana taco that is a delicacy

It was Taco Tuesday in San Diego Red, which means we will kick off our "Baja Taco Tour" section, where we will be presenting a different taco every week, so get ready! Today we present that special place for seafood lovers.

There are fresh and cooked seafood carts throughout Baja California, many are usually the classic seafood and carne asada tacos, in others we find specials or a completely different menu with the same ingredients, different preparations and a particular seasoning.

This is the case of this taco cart, which since 2018 is delighting office workers and people who pass by Colonia 20 de Noviembre, in Tijuana.

Carreta Los Compadres began selling "marlin" tacos with a family recipe, which Noah Isaz Quintero, owner of the cart, tells us his mother taught him and has been in his family for generations.

Over time, the public had begged for more options, since the young chef's seasoning is worthy of a fine restaurant.

Just five months ago, they added octopus to their menu. Noah tells us that the recipe for octopus cooking was trial and error, with losses of several pounds of octopus, until he found the desired texture for the preparation in his tacos. They are made of fresh ingredients and of good quality, cooked at the moment.

The campechano taco (mixture of two or more proteins) of shrimp and spicy octopus, is undoubtedly an example of urban Tijuanense cuisine (Street food).

A taco of nixtamalized corn tortilla, good size whole shrimp (36/40, size used for shrimp size), cooked octopus, finishing them using olive oil flavored with fresh chili and garlic, Monterey Jack cheese used to make a crust over the tortilla, and finished with garnishes of rolled cabbage (purple cabbage), tomato and chopped onion, freshly ground avocado, house dressings, chipotle and green sauces, some sour cream and a touch of olive oil with chile de árbol (tree chili). A delicacy!

The homegrown of Tijuana recommends shrimp taco with spicy octopus and a cold Coke. He also recommends the marlin taco in the style of their family.

The prices are:
Fish: $20.00 MXN ($1.08 USD)
Marlin: $35.00 MXN ($1.89 USD)
Shrimp: $40.00 MXN ($2.16 USD)
Octopus: $45.00 MXN ($2.43 USD)
Mixed burrito: $75.00 MXN ($4.05 USD)
Campechano: $75.00 MXN ($4.05 USD)

Los Compadres cart works from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm from Monday to Saturday, always at the corner of calle Pacifico y av. 20 de noviembre. You can find them on Facebook as: Carreta Los Compadres.



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