Reasons why having cosmetic surgery in Tijuana is your best option

Learn how medical tourism has become popular in the region and the benefits it brought to patients in different areas of the health sector

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It is clear that changes and actions to feel comfortable, safe and beautiful are each person's decision, however, it never hurts to be informed about them in order to make the best and most confident decision.

Therefore, if you are about to have cosmetic surgery, here we tell you why Tijuana is your best option:

1. Tijuana as the most popular place to do medical tourism: The border city has positioned itself as the one that receives the most tourists for medical matters. Only in 2018 the state to which Tijuana belongs, Baja California, received around 1.7 million patients and companions for this purpose; of which a great part came from Canada, California and Arizona.
Currently, this activity continues to grow thanks to the quality, proximity to the United States and the comfort provided to this type of tourist.

Currently, this activity continues to grow thanks to the quality, proximity to the United States and the comfort provided to this type of tourist.

Victor Roque en Pexels
Victor Roque en Pexels

2. Comfort: This interest on the part of foreign tourists has not only achieved an economic increase in Tijuana and the region, but has also had increased hotel development near these hospitals or clinics in order to provide lodging for patients, who will be able to have medical beds in their rooms for a comfortable rest in case they need it.

In addition, in order to provide them with the best experience of the city, businesses in the gastronomic and entertainment sector also choose to position themselves close to these tourists.

3. Affordable prices: The most important factor among medical tourists to get some treatment in Tijuana is the difference in prices between it and the United States, because although both are charged in dollars, it is clear that on the Mexican side there is greater accessibility.

Such is the case of Clinica Vista Bella, located at Avenida, Santa María 3294 22045 in Tijuana, which when comparing its services of Liposculpture (removal of fat between the skin) and Rhinoplasty (aesthetic surgery of the nose) with those of clinics in the American country, as well as with Tijuana clinics, the following was found:

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Vicente Estrada at (619) 391-9290

Clinica Vista Bella is one of the most accessible clinics, being one more reason for tourists to prefer Tijuana as the best option for this type of services. In addition, the low costs are also present in consultations, procedures and drugs.

4. Infrastructure: To this day, Tijuana has advanced technology, specialists recognized for their experience and infrastructure to provide health services, as there are new clinics, hospitals, or remodeling; bringing with it the arrival of new doctors.

5.Updating of hygiene and health protocols: As an effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Normal has also reached plastic and esthetic surgery, for which the organizations that regulate this practice in Mexico and Baja California agreed on measures to be implemented for its development:

  • Previous cautious evaluation of patients
  • Offices and clinics will have a regulation based on the use of face masks, gloves, antibacterial gel, social distancing and sanitation
  • Only one person will be allowed to be in consultation and there will be no people in the waiting room
  • The preoperative evaluation can be done virtually or by phone
  • Before he or she undergoes the surgical procedure, he or she must be tested for COVID-19

Now you know, if you want that which you feel will make you happy, look for those who offer you, besides an innovative treatment, a complete, quality and safe one for you; and most importantly, with the necessary pre and post surgical care.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to these services, Clinica Vista Bella also offers others such as: Cheek surgery, Blepharoplasty, Tummy Tuck, breast augmentation and buttock augmentation; so if you want to know more about it, we invite you to consult Clinica Vista Bella's social media or leave your information in the following form:

Or call us at (619) 391-9290

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