Travel south of the border for medical procedures 60% the price compared to the U.S.

In ten minutes you can not only change your life but also save enough to improve it

Tijuana's recognition for its medical services comes from their quality, the specialization of their health professionals, facility infrastructure, and, above all, more accessible prices, since they go between 30 and 60 percent lower than American health services.

Now more than ever, taking care of our health becomes a priority. That’s why we’ve started a new campaign here, in the capital of medical tourism. Through our MedBaja network, we provide the best prices and quality in medical services.

Plan your next medical visit for dental care, bariatric and plastic surgeries, fertility, and other practices by contacting one of our specialists. MedBaja helps you schedule an appointment with a doctor you trust in Mexico, you can start by following the next steps:

  • 1) Call (619) 391- 9290
  • 2) Request the medical service
  • 3) Get your medical appointment

This way, just ten minutes from San Diego, you can not only change your life but also save enough to improve it, while finding quality doctors in the field of your choice.

Save your time by calling (619) 391-9290 and receive information about medical procedures in this border city.

To further facilitate the entry and exit of Americans, there is a "medical lane" for patients to cross the border, where they can receive a "Fast Pass" and reduce their waiting time.

Currently, due to the health contingency caused by COVID-19, the Fast Crossing lane service at the Tijuana border is in effect from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday, a schedule that will be maintained until the end of the pandemic.

We will connect you with COVID-19 free clinics, most will provide transportation services from the border to their facilities and back to ensure your safety.

If you want to save up to 60% on medical procedures and get treated in Tijuana, contact MedBaja.

US Phone: (619) 391-9290

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