Birria "Sí": Visit this taco shop in Tijuana and tell us if you would say yes to it

A golden taco, a quesabirria and a tostada were part of what we tasted and rated from this birrieria.

Danny Betancourt visited Birria "SI", located in the lower part of Libertad neighborhood, behind Leyes de Reforma school, as part of our section Una Mordida Taco Tijuana.

To give you a rating, our colleague tried one of their golden tacos, which is priced at $20 pesos; plus a quesabirria for $50 pesos, and a tostada for $30 pesos. Let's see how it went.

Birria quesadilla (or quesabirria)
This quesadilla consisted of a big, thin, golden tortilla, cilantro, cheese, cabbage, onion, and obviously beef with fat and nerve.

"The truth is that I am a cheese lover and even more so when it is accompanied by meat with a lot of flavor. We are going to give this quesadilla a 9.2 rating".

Golden birria taco
Although it has the same ingredients as the previous one, the difference is that it doesn't have cheese and it has a double tortilla. For his part, Danny added pickled red onion and a little bit of salsa verde.

Although the latter made the taco taste different, being a large tortilla, with little fat and little meat, our companion rated it a 7.3.

Tostada de birria
Its presentation caught our attention, as not only is another tostada added in case one is not enough, but it was "quite generous" with meat, Danny said.

This tostada also had cilantro, onion and cabbage. When he took the first bite, our colleague said it was "well done", so he gave it an 8.5 rating.

Have you tried this birrieria? If not, you can find it at Avenida Miguel Anzarez #11313 in Colonia Libertad, Monday to Sunday from 6:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon.


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