Mariscos el Angel in Tijuana gave us a taste of their secret taco.

This taco not only surprised chef Danny Betancourt, but it is the one he has given the highest rating so far.

Tijuana's taquerias continue to surprise Chef Danny Betancourt as part of his tours for our Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana section.

Such is the case of Mariscos el Angel, which is located at 425 Ing. Juan Ojeda Robles Street in the Buena Vista neighborhood, and where they gave the chef a taste of their secret or most innovative taco: Tuna Taco.

Among its ingredients are golden tortilla, a grilled cheese base, fried tuna in cubes, pico de gallo, cabbage and cream. According to Danny, this taco was recommended to him with a chiltepin sauce, but he preferred to take the first bite without it.

"This taco is different, it really surprised us," said the chef. Then he followed the recommendation and took a second bite: "you can taste the flavor of the fish, the frying, and the chiltepin sauce was really delicious, spicy yes, but it was delicious and it makes the taco level up, because of the acidity and the spice it adds. This taco is really quite innovative", he pointed out.

That said, Danny gave it his highest rating so far: 9.9.

On the other hand, the chef took the opportunity to try this taqueria's spicy shrimp taco, which at first sight made his mouth water.

After taking two bites, Danny recognized the flavor that this taco has thanks to the fact that the tortilla has a little butter and marlin. In addition, he said that it can be to everyone's liking since it is not too spicy. He gave it a 9.3 rating.

Did you know about this taqueria? What other taqueria do you think we should visit?

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