Check out the asada taco in Tijuana that fits in the palm of your hand.

Chef Danny Betancourt came across some very generous tacos this time around, but will they be this good?

Photo by: Carlos Osuna

Because Tijuana has the best tacos in Mexico, the taquerias in this city do not end. On this occasion, chef Danny Betancourt went to take a bite of the tacos at El Nuevo Poblano, located at 601 Ing. Juan Ojeda Robles St. in Colonia Buena Vista (at the end of this article you can find the map).

At a cost of $29 pesos, the tacos that the chef tasted and rated were the adobada and the asada, which at first glance were "very generous", but let's see if they are that good.

Adobada Taco
A taco made with packet tortilla, browned adobada meat, red sauce, guacamole, cilantro and onion, is what the chef found in this taco.

However, although the flavor is clear and good, Danny considered that it was "a little salty", but what saves it is the guacamole, since it is totally made of pure avocado pulp and that is "an extra plus".

Thus, the rating received by the adobada taco of this taqueria was 9.2.

Asada Taco
Although the previous taco fits almost in the chef's hand, this one is undoubtedly of great size, as it practically covered it. Also, unlike the adobada taco, the tortilla in this one is handmade.

Another point that Danny highlighted was that the red sauce that the taco had is "salsa cruda", so the color of the tomato is more intense.

"The meat has a marinade that is a little bit sweet, maybe because of the orange or something they put in it. Relatively (the meat) is soft, you can chew it without any problem; the tortilla is really great," said the chef after the first bite. Although he gave it a rating of 8.7.

Did you already know this taqueria? What do you think of the size of their tacos?


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