Tijuana taqueria breaks away from traditional tacos; what's their twist?

This taqueria in Zona Centro offered chef Danny Betancourt its original taco and a mixed one.

Chef Danny Betancourt continues touring Tijuana's taquerias, and this time he came across one that gives it his own touch, not only for the way he serves them, but also for the ingredients they use.

Located in Tijuana's Zona Centro, on 1230 Pio Pico Avenue (map at the end of this article), Don Esteban Taqueria gave Danny a taste of its $30 peso original taco and its $40 taco mix. Find out what he thought of them, what that touch is, and how he rated each one.

Original Taco
Besides being made with a "big tortilla", the beef that makes it up comes as a whole steak, it has avocado, onion, beans, green sauce, mayonnaise and lettuce; yes, you read that right, lettuce.

"It tastes different, it tastes like a flute, but with a soft tortilla", said Danny after the first bite, and added, "the whole steak is super thin, the truth is that it got lost in everything else". That's why he rated it a 7.2.

Taco mix
Like the previous one, and unlike other taquerias, the steak comes whole, but this one is accompanied by chorizo, as well as avocado, onion, red sauce, beans, and a touch of lettuce.

The chef's face said it all when he tasted it: "This one tastes stronger, more intense, the sauce is spicier, and the chorizo has a lot of flavor. The meat is still missing because the cut is very thin, but it complements it with the beans".

After a second bite, Danny gave it an 8.4 rating.

Have you tried tacos like this? What other unique taquerias do you know of in Tijuana?


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