Lifting restrictions on the Tijuana-San Diego border is possible: Alonso Pérez Rico

The incidence of COVID-19 per 100 thousand inhabitants in both cities is similar, and low in comparison to other municipalities or counties

Photo by: WikiImages vía Pixabay

After being questioned about the possibilities of lifting restrictions on the border with the United States, as suggested by the San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce, the head of the Secretariat of Health in Baja California, Alonso Pérez Rico, commented that not the entire northern border, but in Tijuana and San Diego.

This is because in the State, Mexicali is the municipality with the highest incidence of active cases per 100 thousand inhabitants (21.23), and even higher than counties such as Imperial (8.80) and Yuma (3.70), "that is where we would have a situation", he assured.

However, Tijuana and San Diego, in addition to being vaccinating and having this same indicator almost similar, 4.28 and 6 respectively, the Secretary of Health said, "I don't see a major problem".

But he emphasized that this could only be possible if both border cities agree on which activities are allowed and which are not, as well as with what capacity. This is an issue that he considers should be dealt with by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and not by this agency.

"In my opinion, we would have to have well-established agreements on who and how they transit, what measures are going to be taken, what capacity and activities are allowed and which are not, so as not to start new chains of transmission," he said.

Pérez Rico commented that the United States is in a favorable condition due to its progress in vaccination, but it is something that Mexico does not have, "so we have to be more careful ourselves".

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