Baja California remains under the yellow traffic light; Mexicali is under the orange traffic light

The state starts the week with 458 active cases, most of them located in Mexicali

Photo by: Laura Chamorro

A month ago Baja California had 338 active cases of COVID-19, this Monday it started with 458, of which 313 are concentrated in Mexicali, 116 in Tijuana, 13 in Ensenada, eight in Rosarito, four in San Felipe and three in Tecate.

According to the Secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, in the last 24 hours no deaths were registered in the state due to this disease, but there were five new cases, four of them in the state capital and the other one in Tijuana.

Pérez Rico pointed out that of the 458 active cases, 366 are ambulatory, while the remaining 92 are hospitalized, 36 of the latter needing a ventilator to continue fighting for their lives.

He also stated that the hospital occupancy rate for COVID-19, which is 23.23% at state level, is not decreasing, but as patients are discharged, more continue to arrive, which means that the pandemic is not over, he pointed out.

Baja California has accumulated 48 thousand 193 infections so far: 18 thousand 480 from Mexicali, 17 thousand 472 from Tijuana, 6 thousand 893 from Ensenada, 2 thousand and 6 from San Quintin, one thousand 572 from Tecate, one thousand and 75 from Rosarito and 695 from San Felipe.

Regarding the Baja Californians who have lost their lives, there are 8 thousand and 70: 3 thousand 613 in Tijuana, 2 thousand 984 in Mexicali, one thousand 115 in Ensenada, 193 in Tecate, 124 in San Quintin, 31 in Rosarito and 10 in San Felipe.

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