Taqueria in Tijuana stands out with its handmade tortillas

But if you are one of the few who like the tortilla packet, don't worry, they take care of you here

Photo by: Carlos Osuna

Although there is no doubt that taquitos with handmade tortillas are always appreciated, there are those who prefer the yellow ones, and taquería "La Glorieta" knows it.

This Tijuana place is located at Lic. Martín Careaga 4611, in colonia Soler, 22530. Its two most famous and classic tacos: adobada and asada, were the ones that chef Danny Betancourt tasted, as part of "Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana".

Both are $28 pesos, but what distinguishes them, besides the type of meat, is the tortilla, because while the adobada is made with yellow tortillas, the asada uses handmade tortillas.

It is worth mentioning that the touch that "La Glorieta" gives to its tacos is in what accompanies them, because unlike other taquerias, this one serves them with cucumber, radish, lemon and onion bathed in little fat.

When tasting the adobada taco, Danny noted that the tacos are small in size, and on this occasion, although the meat had a good color, it was "a little burnt, but in general you can feel the marinade", he said. For this reason, he gave it an 8.1.

Regarding the asada, which has the same complements as the previous one, he commented that the meat was "very soft", and to top it off, it had a surprise factor: beans from the pot. He gave it an 8.7 rating.

Video Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana: Tacos La Glorieta


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