Ensenada could return to yellow traffic light due to incidence of COVID-19 cases

The Secretary of Health of Baja California asked this municipality to reduce its mobility and warned about restriction of activities

Ensenada has shown a gradual increase in several COVID-19 indicators for several days, so today the head of the Baja California Health Secretariat, Alonso Pérez Rico, warned of a possible change of color in the epidemiological traffic light for this municipality, as well as a restriction of activities.

This is an alert for the people of Ensenada in relation to their mobility. If these trends and indicators continue, we will have to restrict activities.

As of this Friday, Ensenada has the highest incidence of active cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in the State (17.81), surpassing Mexicali (13.72), which is the only municipality in the State with a yellow traffic light, but with a downward trend.

And although Ensenada does not have as many active cases as Mexicali and Tijuana, Pérez Rico, showed his concern because the tendencies are on the rise.

"What is next for Ensenada is very simple, exactly what happened with Mexicali," said the Secretary of Health, who added, "it seems that Mexicali is going to come out of yellow, it is going to join the green, and Ensenada is going to enter yellow."

He also highlighted that currently Ensenada is where the virus is reproducing the most, having an Effective Reproduction Rate (ER) of 1.24 and increasing.

According to Pérez Rico, having this indicator above one means that one person with coronavirus can infect two more in that territory, which in turn could cause an increase in active cases, hospitalizations and possibly more deaths.

Regarding the last two, he commented, they have decreased thanks to vaccinations, but he urges to continue with the prevention measures, especially for those who are not yet vaccinated.

"We are going to start working very hard on mobility, we are going to have to reduce mobility there, to cut transmission chains. It is very important that they support us in the places where people are gathering and are not using their masks".

Today Baja California accumulates 51 thousand 517 cases confirmed with COVID-19, of which 7 thousand 253 have been registered in Ensenada; municipality where one thousand 156 deaths have also been reported, out of the 8 thousand 686 that have occurred in the State.

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