There will be no border reopening this July 21: Baja California Secretariat of Health (SSa)

Baja California authorities commented that they have not yet received the guidelines regarding how the lifting of restrictions between Mexico and the U.S. will be carried out

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As reported earlier this month, the restrictions on essential-only travel between Mexico and the United States remain in effect until July 21, however, everything seems to indicate that they will be extended once again.

This was commented by the head of the Health Secretariat in Baja California, Alonso Pérez Rico, when he mentioned that for the "reopening" of the border, guidelines must first be sent regarding this process.

"We are waiting for them to tell us or let us know the guidelines for how this opening is going to be achieved".

Since they have not yet received them, he added: "The information we have is that on July 21 the border will still not be opened, otherwise they would have already sent us the guidelines".

This information may not come as a surprise, since as you may recall, the Tijuana Development Council (CDT), pointed out that due to the increase of coronavirus infections reported in Mexico and the United States, the strategy for said reopening may change completely.

At the same time, according to CDT, among these guidelines it will be indicated that the restrictive measures will be gradually eliminated; first for Sentri visa users, then for the Ready Lane and finally for those with general visas. In the meantime, Mexican and U.S. authorities have not made an official statement as to whether the restrictions will be extended or gradually lifted. All that is known is that the effective date is about to end.

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