Taco for $300 pesos? Meet this Tijuana taqueria that sells Wagyu beef

Mole is used to making their tortillas

In this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, our host, chef Danny Betancourt, visited Tres Desertos, a taqueria located in Telefónica Gastro Park on Blvd Agua Caliente, where our chef will step outside of his comfort zone by trying three very different tacos, the first of which is a pork belly taco for 90 pesos ($ 4.5 dlls), the second of which is a Rib Eye Let's see if the flavor of these tacos justifies the price.

Taco de Chicharrón Rib Eye

This taco is made with pork belly or pig belly, a sweet and sour sauce that is also a touch spicy, tanned onion, and the same style of tortilla. They suggested adding a few drops of habanero sauce because it was fairly hot when tasted on its own.

Price: 90 pesos ($ 4.5 dlls)

Pork Belly Taco

This taco has the pork belly or pork belly, a sweet and sour sauce, but at the same time a little spicy, tanned onion and it is presented in the same type of tortilla. They recommended adding habanero sauce which was only a few drops since when tasting it by itself, it was quite spicy.

One of the observations for these unusual tortillas is that they are slightly larger than the packaged tortillas used for adobada tacos. When tasting it, he noticed that the pork belly was quite soft and that the flavor of the sweet and sour sauce made its flavor even more contrasting. The onion provided an exciting acidity that was complemented by the taste of the mole tortilla, for this reason, this taco had a rating of 8.6.

Price: $ 90 pesos ($ 4.5 dlls)

Taco de Wagyu

This form of meat is certified owing to the care provided to the cow, which describes the name of both the cow and its parents, the name of the keeper, the food with which this animal was grown, and many other data; this is a type of A9 meat, which is why its price is so expensive. It also features avocado, mole omelette, pig rinds, and lemon in addition to the meat.

When we tasted it, our host informed us that biting the tortilla was more difficult than biting the meat, because it felt like he was chewing a piece of butter owing to its softness, and each mouthful described it as if it were a meat paste, but it was really chopped into bits. The only drawback was that the tortilla overpowered the flavor of the meat, which should have been the star of the show; therefore this taco received an 8.7.

Price: $ 300 pesos (about $15 dlls)

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