Covid-19 hospitalizations continue to rise in Baja California

In Baja California, Covid hospital occupancy is approaching 60%

After more than 10,000 active Covid-19 cases were reported in Baja California, the disease has been reducing in the state, while the Ministry of Health cautioned that infections might resurface.

According to the government, there are presently 8,630 active cases in Baja California, with women being the most likely to contract the fatal virus. Of these illnesses, 209 have been confirmed in the previous 24 hours, with a reduction in the number of tests performed this weekend.

In light of this, Dr. Nestor Sal Hernández Milan pointed out that the fourth wave of Covid-19 infections is significantly higher than previous waves, so it cannot be said that it has reached its peak.

There have been 113,630 positive coronavirus cases in Baja California since the beginning of the pandemic until Monday's cutoff, with 11,305 of them succumbing to the virus and 305 have died

In terms of hospitalizations, it was stated that this has been steadily increasing in Baja California since the infections rebounded, despite the fact that there has not been an increase in intubated people. Citizens are urged to continue to follow the measures in place to prevent the spread of the virus, as the state's increase in hospitalizations is alarming.

It was revealed that Covid's hospital occupancy rate in Baja California is approaching 60%, and they are asking for everyone's help to keep hospitals from being overcrowded.

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