The most contaminated Covid-19 neighborhood in Baja California is in Tijuana's Buenos Aires Sur

The Baja California Ministry of Health has revealed which neighborhoods are responsible for the majority of the illnesses

The number of active Covid-19 cases continues to rise in Baja California, prompting the state's Ministry of Health to declare which neighborhoods in each municipality have the most infections.

For the second week in a row, the Buenos Aires Sur neighborhood in Tijuana has been the most infected with Covid-19 in the city, with 158 active cases, making it the most infectious in Baja California.

Francisco Villa, Camino Verde, Pedregal de Santa Julia, and Las Cumbres are the other neighborhoods in the border city where most of the active Covid-19 infections are found.

The Ciudad Morelos neighborhood in Mexicali has the most active cases, with 55, followed by Nuevo León, Independencia, Hidalgo, and Industrial, all of which require considerable caution owing to the significant risk of transmission that these areas provide.

El Sauzal has 129 residents, followed by Ejido el Porvenir, Popular 89, Zona Centro, and El Ciprés at Ensenada's harbor.

Extreme vigilance is required in the Playas de Rosarito areas of Ampliación Constitución, Miramar, Lucio Blanco, Centro Carretera, and López Gutiérrez.

Video: Catalino Zavala heads Wednesday Morning in Baja California


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