Baja California doesn’t rule out advent of new Covid-19 variant

Since the start of the pandemic to this Tuesday, there have been 124,175 accumulated positive cases

Active cases in Baja California are still declining, as there have been only 27 cases in the last 24 hours. It is expected that by the end of February, the infection curve will flatten in the state which has found itself in a favorable position against the pandemic.

According to Óscar Efrén Zazueta Fierro, state chief of Epidemiology at the Secretariat of Health, there are 2,317 active cases in Baja California. He pointed out that on weekends and holidays fewer people go to fever clinics, which is why it is expected that reported cases increase during the week.

Moreover, Dr. Nestor Hernández Milán, explained that he doesn’t rule out an increase in active cases if health measures are relaxed or if a new variant arrives to the state, which is why he continues to encourage people to follow health guidelines to avoid virus outbreaks in the region.

Since the beginning of the pandemic to this Tuesday, there have been 124,175 accumulated Covid positive cases in Baja California, with 11,576 unfortunate deaths caused by it.

They also stated that the omicron variant, that prevails in the state, is more contagious than previous variants which is why infections have risen in the last few months. Main symptoms continue to include fever, chills, and cough in registered infections.

Regarding hospital occupancy, 58.1% of state hospitals are recorded as being occupied, with 149 patients hospitalized and 90 intubated.

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