Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana fights cancer with hyperthermia therapy

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Immunity Therapy Center (ITC) in Tijuana has an endless number of alternative cancer treatments; however, one of their most revolutionary breakthroughs is hyperthermia therapy, which consists of increasing body temperature (either for the entire body or locally in the area where the cancer/tumor is located) to approximately 104°F (40°C).

Dr. Carlos Bautista stated that this is done in order to attack cancerous cells, which can’t withstand temperatures over 104°F (40°C); it can be done all by itself or be combined with other types of treatments.

Currently, there are two types of hyperthermia therapies: whole body therapy which involves a camera that monitors the patient, their heartbeats, temperature, and blood pressure, and local therapy which uses several types of hyperthermia devices that warm up the area of the tumor to the aforementioned temperature through several different penetrations to reach the tumor area.

Among the benefits of this therapy is that it decreases the size of the tumor and inflammation; it also provides stimulation for the immune system.

Though there are benefits, there are also some side effects such as dehydration, blood pressure drops, and heartbeat rate increase, all of which are monitored and controlled by the trained staff at ITC. Whole body therapy has an approximate duration of 60 to 90 minutes, while local therapy will depend on the area and the type of tumor treated. However, approximately 35 to 40 minutes are needed to carry out this therapy.

This treatment is used in most solid tumors, but it can also be used in other types of cancer; however, the patient’s overall health must be examined. Success rate is high, both by itself and in combination with other types of treatments, such as radiation or alternate treatments.

In order to continue improving the efficiency of this hyperthermia treatment, both ITC and several institutions around the world constantly research and study this therapy to treat different kinds of cancer and tumors with this method.

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