Experience unique healing at Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort in Valle de Guadalupe

Find out how to relax and help your energy flow

Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort has a great variety of benefits and activities where guests can attend great sessions to relax. This resort is located at Valle de Guadalupe, approximately one and a half hours from the Tijuana-San Diego border.

Montevalle offers a peaceful and tranquil place for those people who are looking to relax, detox, and restore their health. Hortencia is one of the people in charge of providing services to guests by giving yoga and meditation classes. She claims that Montevalle has a magical energy, which allows classes to be carried out ideally, flowing in the space.

Yoga and meditation are not only about poses and contortions, but it also has to do with health and wellbeing; the union of body, spirit, and soul where all emotions flow to aid in healing as a kind of healing therapy.

Yoga is done through movements and they influence you to oxygenate your spine, unblock emotional blockages, and much more. Hortencia claims that though yoga can seem like a very inoffensive exercise, it is a complete therapy as it helps you to heal and flow in a way that is not felt, which is why you want to do it again.

Yoga and meditation classes at Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort help you to momentarily forget about the drudgery and busy movements of the city. It helps you to concentrate your breathing and how energy flows, which helps you to prevent diseases. It should be noted that every session adapts both to the group’s rhythm and to each person’s needs, ensuring a personalized and specialized treatment for guests.

Don’t wait any longer, click here, and make a reservation at Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort to restore your health!

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