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  • Governor Marina del Pilar pointed out that more than 50 women have received training as transport...

  • A party with around 300 minors was suspended

  • Prepare yourself because chances of rain are very high. Learn all about it.

  • In this administration, 7.2 million pesos have been invested to deliver aid to improve the...

  • Learn all about this amazing event

  • The training "Blindaje Electoral" has as a main goal to prepare public servants for...

  • There are 4 dinosaurs and they are awesome

  • This occurred due to fires in drainage pipes

  • In addition, low temperatures and cloudiness are expected for this weekend

  • The memorial was named "Héroes de Sangre Azul" and 66 representative plaques of...

  • Discover everything you need to know about this famous event

  • The demolition team is still working in the area

  • This Chiapas native band will come to Tijuana to celebrate International Mother Language Day

  • UFC Fight Night 237 will take place in Mexico City on February 24, 2024

  • Three of the main exponents of music in Spanish will lead a series of shows known as...

  • The diplomat reiterated the importance that these forums have for the future of communities

  • The MORENA candidate for the mayor's office of Rosarito held a meeting with civil society groups...

  • "La Frontera" will showcase part of its artwork at El Cubo and another part will be...

  • Find out when the official ticket sale will begin for this festival

  • The Baja Californian governor has an approval rating of 54.2% according to people polled

  • Light rain will occur tonight

  • The 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana warns the border population to not get in the sea or...

  • Learn which are the best times to cross today

  • Once again, there are forecasts of several continuous rainy days

  • He won 2nd place in an international competition which took place in the United States

  • The candidate swept with an approval rating of 74% in some polls

  • The MORENA candidate has maintained successful bonds with all areas of the city

  • By relieving chronic respiratory problems, halotherapy also efficiently works as an alternative...

  • There will even be a 60% discount for some admissions

  • This leave of absence will be valid starting on April 14

  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant 1970s with the most iconic song rhythms at CECUT

  • Students that meet the requirements can go to Centro de Atención al Emprendedor (CAE) offices

  • The MORENA candidate leads polls due to her commitment with the people and her intentions to...

  • It is the second day in which the governor of Baja California is in this American state in order...

  • These are some of the flower shops that offered their services on February 14 in Tijuana

  • A beautiful night show occurred on Tuesday night

  • The municipal president of Tijuana delivered 60 food carts

  • The businessman said that it is not just about insisting on the business area, but knowing how to...

  • Playas de Rosarito has a lot to offer from horse riding to outdoor glamping! Learn all about the...

  • It will be located at Mission Valley Mall

  • The governor prioritized assistance in schools in order to ensure the wellbeing of students

  • This agency promotes non-discrimination and respect for this part of the population

  • Here you can enjoy a picnic or go for a walk after a delicious meal

  • A lot of cold is expected, but will there be rain?

  • This MORENA party member is leading polls in MORENA regarding the election of the mayor's office...

  • This season will be open from March 23 to May 12

  • Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda led the ceremony at La Chinesca in Mexicali

  • Brady said that this book provided him with support to overcome a scandal that affected his career