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  • Marina del Pilar announced the first stage of medical evaluations for the free surgery campaign

  • This work is due to the beginning of a large-scale structure assembly

  • The event "Night Run Edition" will take place on Saturday, April 13

  • The opening of the access ramp located in Bulevar Héctor Terán Terán towards Bulevar Alberto...

  • This is Mexico's most important tourism event and one of the most significant ones in Latin America

  • The PAN candidate firmly believes that, to develop the country in a healthy manner, checks and...

  • The author of "The Four Agreements" solves humanity's greatest question

  • The state governor has revealed activities that will be carried out by the Agency of Creative...

  • Montserrat Caballero explained that, to rebuild the bridge, high-specialty French engineering was...

  • It has been ranked 1st place on a list of the 41 Best New Hotels

  • IMSS Bienestar has as a goal to become one of the best health systems in the world

  • Bars in Tijuana are closed down due to non-compliance of laws

  • This recreational area's creation progress is 78%

  • Don't miss this unique astronomic event

  • This competition was carried out successfully

  • Aspiring candidates for different municipal presidencies of the "Sigamos Haciendo Historia...

  • Find out when this total solar eclipse will occur

  • The old entrance from San Diego to Tijuana could be reopened and this could prevent the traffic...

  • With support from different programs, people’s development in several different disciplines is...

  • The government of Baja California expands health coverage on priority attention areas in the state

  • Enjoy this acclaimed film in a unique and special way

  • Enjoy the eclipse in a safe manner and in the best places

  • La Rumorosa is covered in white, offering a spectacular view

  • The state's highest exports are in regards to computation, communication, and transportation...

  • Citizens should download this family plan

  • This eclipse will occur on Monday, April 8

  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there was an increase in non-agricultural US...

  • The governor cut the ribbon to officially inaugurate the first Taco Museum in Mexico

  • This concept was created in Tijuana 10 years ago and, since then, it has reached many places in...

  • This project's goal is to address the needs of priority groups in the state

  • The state governor of Baja California was chosen as a member of the new 2024 class of "Young...

  • More than 1,000 employees in 44 crossings are expected to collect money to benefit this...

  • Murcof, considered one of the best electronic music performers, announced an unmissable concert...

  • More than 40,000 people will receive free medical care through this health center

  • With an approval rating of 68.3%, the governor of Baja California was ranked only behind two...

  • To celebrate the inauguration of Federal Highway 1, the federal government issued a call for artists

  • On Monday, April 9, a solar eclipse will take place. Learn all about it in the comments.

  • The last time the US dollar cost 15 Mexican pesos was in 2014

  • This announcement has just been shared by this restaurant

  • If Aladdin is one of your favorite Disney films, you cannot miss this musical

  • Could it be that we can finally get a break from rain? Learn all about it.

  • The pre-alert state in the city due to rain expected for Sunday is still active

  • Our city has become the favorite spot for people who love this Mexican dish

  • Low temperatures will continue during this weekend with minimum temperatures of up to 11°C

  • Bahía de Los Ángeles in San Quintin is a fascinating destination in Baja California where the...

  • This statewide earthquake drill will take place at 10 AM on Thursday, April 4

  • The house specialty: our city offers delicious carne asada, seafood, birria, and adobada tacos,...

  • This is the exact time in which the storm will begin in Tijuana