Movimiento Ciudadano in Baja California endorses Samuel García as candidate for the presidency of Mexico

8 states in Mexico have begun to mobilize to support Samuel García as candidate for the presidency of Mexico

As part of a series of national mobilizations organized by sympathizers of the Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) party, Miguel Medrano Valero, municipal coordinator of Tijuana, stated that Samuel García "is the one in the best position inside MC to be the candidate for the Presidency of Mexico."

He said that the orange party has several options for the presidency such as Senator Dante Delgado, Patricia Mercado, Ivonne Ortega, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, but the one in the best position is Samuel García. He recalled that when he began his campaign for the governorship, he was in 4th place, with just 10 percentage points in electoral preferences, but thanks to his work, he was able to improve and won in the end.

He claimed that the same thing could happen in 2024, as he is very close to the candidate of the Opposition Front. His trump card is his good performance as the Governor of Nuevo Leon where he boosted programs to support cancer patients, while the federation eliminated them. He expanded full-time school programs, and he is also resolving urban mobility, transportation, and water scarcity issues.

However, Medrano said that Movimiento Ciudadano has been and always will be respectful of the law regarding electoral matters, and announced that the internal process to define the candidate will begin on October 29, after the National Coordinator meeting. It will be until November when the orange party will have pre-candidates and, at the beginning of 2024, candidates for the Presidency of Mexico, Senators, Federal Representatives, Local Congresses, and Municipal Presidents will be set and ready.

On Sunday, in 8 states of Mexico, Movimiento Ciudadano went out to the streets to promote the party, waive their flags, distribute pamphlets, and paste stickers in intersections and roundabouts. They declared that they were ready to begin internal work so they could compete in the elections of June 2, 2024.

"While old politics talk, Movimiento Ciudadano listens," emphasized the coordinator of the municipal operation who, alongside national delegate David Saúl Guakil, led the orange mobilization in Tijuana at the "Las Tijeras" roundabout on Sunday morning, with the participation of dozens of sympathizers.


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