Fewer shots, more tequila! "Expo Tequila 2023", the most important tequila event, has arrived in Tijuana

Expo Tequila 2023 has begun and it is offering Mexico's best liquors in the border city

On Friday, the most important agave liquors event began officially: an event to celebrate Mexico's drink par excellence, Expo Tequila, arrived in Tijuana. More than 60 labels of Mexico's purest tequila are coming together at the mythical Avenida Revolución in this border city.

At 4 PM on Friday, in the presence of government authorities, the inauguration protocol took place with the classic ribbon-cutting ceremony. Mario Murrieta, Director of the Expo Tequila Committee participated and also thanked the presence of the people of Tijuana and tourists that came here to discover and taste the great variety of tequilas offered by this exhibition.

For his part, Arturo Gutiérrez, president of the Committee of Tourism and Conventions (COTUCO) of Tijuana spoke about the importance that Expo Tequila means regarding touristic attendance in the city of Tijuana. In addition, he also recognized the management by Mario Murrieta as the director of the committee of this great event.

An Expo Tequila 2023 weekend!

Attendants from the Baja region and southern California gathered together here in the afternoon of Friday, October 13 at Avenida Revolución to enjoy the several different varieties and hues of tequila accompanied by the master producers of this liquor. More than 60 different labels will be available until Sunday, October 15 to tasters from both sides of the border who will be able to enjoy the essences of tequila blanco, tequila reposado, and tequila añejo as well as several different mixed products made from this drink.

Among the tequila makers invited to this event there are: Tequila Castelán, made by Sr. Juan Pablo Santos Herrera of “Santos Licores”; Destiladora de Los Altos, located in Arandas, Jalisco, creator of brands such as: Corrido, Don Félix, Hacienda Vieja, and Mijenta Tequila; La Santa, which is produced in Arandas, the area of Altos in Jalisco paying tribute to mothers because each mother is a “Santa” (saint) will present “La Santa Gold 24k”. There's also Casa Insolente and Exagerado Tequila, brand of “El Albur” located in Amatitán, Jalisco, a drink that combines quality with elegance to create a unique experience. These are some of the tequila makers, among many, that will be at this exhibition.

Fewer shots, more tequila!

It is almost a tradition to drink tequila in quick gulps. Once we have drunk this "shot", we then get a lime and salt to quickly filter its bitter flavor, ignoring that drinking this way the only thing we are getting is an increase on the levels of alcohol in our body all to end up with an incurable hangover the next day. Tequila is more than just a shot, and here we'll tell you the correct steps to enjoy its scents and flavors.

Tequila master and one of this event's exhibitors, Layla Wisenberger, owner of tequila maker Pocos Huevos tells us the correct way to enjoy and make the best out of tequila.

Layla says that these are the steps that must be followed:

The first thing that we need to be aware of when trying tequila is to know the type of proper container to do it. We usually associate tasting tequila with "caballitos" (a type of shot glass), when the correct container is actually flute glass, like the ones used for champagne. If you don't have a glass of this type, you can use any other type of similar glass cup.

The point of this is that your hands are away from the glass so that the tequila's temperature doesn't change. This also works because it prevents mixing the liquor's scent with the creams that we usually use in our hands to keep them hydrated.

The second step is to move the tequila inside the glass in circles so that the drink's scents are elevated. It is recommended to position the glass diagonally so as to not spill the liquid.

Once this is over, we put the glass close to our face to smell the liquor for the first time. Once we get these first fragrances, we put the glass closer to our face and gently introduce our nose inside the glass to identify all the aspects of tequila.

Lastly, we drink a little bit of our tequila, taking our time and not hurrying to finish the drink. Once the drink has been tasted, we swallow it, and finally experience the true richness of an original gulp of tequila.

Besides tequila tasting, this exhibition is offering you a weekend with a variety of classic Mexican gastronomy such as snacks, tacos, and huaraches; there are also burgers and fries, flavored water, other types of meals, and the popular Caesar salad, which was created in Tijuana.

Another attraction at this exhibition is the cultural events. Mariachi music pleased attendants in the early afternoon of Friday, with the best Mexican classics, completing the event in a Mexican-stylish way: full of music and tequila.

Expo Tequila 2023 has officially begun in Tijuana, gathering once again the best of both sides of the border to enjoy one shared taste: tequila and Mexican culture.

This is a family friendly event with a very pleasant ambiance. It opens at 1 PM and ends at 12 AM on Saturday, October 14 and Sunday, October 15. Admission costs $150 pesos or $9 dollars (children can get in for free when accompanied by an adult).

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