Former Baja California governor Guadalupe Osuna Millán reiterates his intention to ran for senator in the 2024 elections

"It is time to recover our country," former governor José Guadalupe Osuna MIllán said about Mexico's upcoming elections

During his speech at the Conferencia México 2024: la Gran Batalla Ciudadana, Guadalupe Osuna Millán, former governor of Baja California (2007-2013) and former mayor of Tijuana (1995-1998) took a stance regarding the political landscape in the country for next year, where he also reaffirmed his wish to ran for senator in Mexico's federal elections next year. He also spoke about the current civil attitude regarding the current government.

The former governor pointed out a series of failures from the current federal administration which have placed the country at risk. Osuna MIllán points out, in several different areas, that each action has had as a goal the weakening of powers and institutions and the strengthening of the presidential figure.

He points that this has brought consequences, not only right now but for the future. For example, the lack of medications, the lack of vaccines for children in the country, will have consequences as the years go by, as Mexico will become a country where people are more susceptible to diseases that were kept under control through vaccines.

Another important thing that Licentiate Osuna MIllán has spoken about is the unjustifiable strengthening of the army. The president has made the Armed Forces his main work tool (something that the president condemned in past presidential administrations). The construction of projects by the army, something soldiers shouldn't do, has monopolized the creation of federal projects, strengthening the economy of the army and stopping small and medium sized construction companies from moving ahead.

Corruption is another factor that has characterized the government of López Obrador. The former governor of Baja California points out that, as never before, the current federal government has ignored or tried to blatantly ignore the law just to carry out López Obrador's ideas which are to acquire absolute power in Mexico. Attacks against the press and reforms that weaken institutions are actions from an absolutist that is looking to keep himself in power. That's why the perfect MORENA candidate is Claudia Sheinbaum, a person with no voice who has been built up on López Obrador’s orders.

Osuna Millán concluded his speech by saying that it is essential that people participate in the next elections to rescue the country and move it forward. For his part, he added that he is looking to participate in the election as a federal senator candidate and join forces with the pre-candidate to the presidency of Mexico, Xóchitl Gálvez, to decentralize the country and recover institutional autonomy.


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