Teffy Esquivel becomes MORENA candidate for the mayor's office of Playas de Rosarito

The MORENA candidate leads polls due to her commitment with the people and her intentions to continue transforming Rosarito

There has been no moment in the history of this country in which the word "politician" looked so feminine, however, democracy has taken a huge step, with prepared women committed with the people leading all polls.

As elections for mayors of municipalities draw nearer, as they will take place on June 2, 2024, the name of Teffy Esquivel who is currently leading polls in Playas de Rosarito and has positioned herself as the MORENA candidate for this municipal presidency, stands out.

She will be in charge of representing the party for the mayor's office of this municipality in order to consolidate the "second step of this transformation".

Esquivel has positioned herself as the MORENA candidate, defying stereotypes and demonstrating the strength of women participating politically and socially in the democratic life of the state which, at the same time, gives voice to many women who work every day for a fairer, more equal, and inclusive present.

Without a doubt, the MORENA member has managed to gain the sympathies of several groups of neighbors who see her as the ideal figure to continue the Fourth Transformation, after recognizing the strengths and needs of this municipality and addressing them in a responsible manner.

Who is Teffy Esquivel?

Teffy Esquivel is a Licentiate in Law with a Master's in Public Services; she is also a single mother who, with her efforts and tenacity, has managed to improve the life conditions of many Rosarito native families. She has distinguished herself for listening to the needs of the people and supporting the sectors who need it the most.

She worked at the Municipal DIF office for the 8th Municipal Administration of Rosarito. Later, she was the first councilor of Mayor Araceli Brown’s cabinet in the 9th Administration where she presided over three commissions, a historical event for this municipality: the Commission of Citizen Security, Mobility, and Urban Development.

It should be noted that her leadership and social commitment have made her a strong candidate with great potential to lead the next municipal government.

The election of Teffy Esquivel as a MORENA candidate consolidates the presence of the Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional party in Playas de Rosarito.

Her triumph in the next elections would ensure the continuity of the Fourth Transformation project that has been worked on for five years with the support of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the leadership of the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar.

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