Teffy Esquivel: her commitment and career path on her way to the mayor's office of Rosarito

The MORENA candidate has maintained successful bonds with all areas of the city

On June 2, elections for the mayor's offices of Baja California will take place and one of the names that has stood out the most to win the municipal presidency of Playas de Rosarito is Teffy Esquivel, who is the MORENA candidate. She is known for being one of the most active public officials of the region.

Teffy Esquivel is a Licentiate in Law with post-graduate studies in Public Administration, and she is also a single mother. Thanks to her dedication and perseverance, she has managed to improve the lives of many families in Rosarito. She stands out due to her commitment with listening to the needs of the community and provide support to the most vulnerable sectors.

A successful bond with all areas of the city

Esquivel has left her mark in several areas during her career. She is not only involved in municipal politics, but she also has close bonds with the student community, local entrepreneurs, drivers, and the population at large. In addition, she has a close relationship with DIF due to her work as the managing director of this institution.

Recently, on February 7, she received a special award from the Director of the Prize Institute, who recognized her as a guest of honor at the graduation ceremony of the 2024 generation. This demonstrates her important contribution to the development of the municipality.

In her role as the director of DIF, Esquivel carried out important actions such as the signing of agreements with state DIF and the 5 Municipal DIF Systems for the "Prevención es Amor" campaign whose goal is to prevent violence in the family environment through community participation.

In addition, Teffy Esquivel also supports cultural traditions and was present at "Kermes Purépecha", an event that promoted culture and offered traditional dishes in order to raise funds for the church and the community court at Colonia Constitución.

This shows that Esquivel has always kept a close relationship with the community.

One time she shared on her Facebook page: "Because authentic public policies of wellbeing are not created in a desk, we must go to the fields." Her commitment with being present on the ground, working close with people, reflects her practical and committed approach with public service.

On the other hand, she has established effective alliances with drivers, working together to ensure the continuity of the region's transformation, showing, once more, her ability to build bridges between different parts of society to benefit the community.

Teffy Esquivel and Araceli Brown, working for Rosarito

Regarding her work at DIF Rosarito, where she worked as director in 2019, Esquivel demonstrated leadership and commitment. The municipal president, Araceli Brown Figueredo, took Esquivel's oath when she took office, and since then, they have shown themselves to be an efficient and coordinated team, working together to improve the quality of life for all citizens.

Recognized for her hard work: She receives Tonantzin Award in 2020

The award Premio Tonantzin 2022 is a significant recognition to Esquivel's distinguished work. This award was given due to her exceptional contribution to the functioning and workability of the DIF Systems during a crucial period.

When she received this prestigious award, Esquivel, with deep emotion, said the following:

I received with a lot of pride the Premio Internacional Tonantzin 2020 for my beautiful municipality. It is an award for officials that are in charge of the functioning and workability of the DIF systems, this award is for all of you. It is and honor and a source of pride to have stood out with our work in the middle of this pandemic.

Without a doubt Esquivel is a great candidate for MORENA and if she is victorious in the upcoming elections, it guarantees the continuation of the Fourth Transformation project, which has been promoted in the last few years with support from the mayor of Rosarito, Araceli Brown, and under the leadership of the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar.

VIDEO: Learn all about Teffy Esquivel, the MORENA candidate for the mayor's office of Rosarito


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