David Saúl Guakil, Movimiento Ciudadano Senate candidate: "Women are the ones who steer the family ship"

The Movimiento Ciudadano candidate said this during a meeting with female supporters of his party

Movimiento Ciudadano Senate candidate, David Saúl Guakil, stated on Saturday, March 9, that women are the ones who steer the family ship while also highlighting the importance of defending and protecting their rights in society.

In a meeting with women who are supporters of the orange party, organized by Teresa Márquez Parra, that took place on Saturday at CANACO facilites, Guakil said that there is still a lot that must be done to achieve equality among women in all areas whether it is the government, companies, or at home.

Today there's nothing to celebrate, he said speaking about International Women's Day on March 8, but it is a day to reflect on the need to open more spaces, provide more opportunities, and, above all, respect and protect their rights.

The group of women who support Movimiento Ciudadano in Tijuana organized the meeting in which renowned motivational writer and speaker Enrique Villareal gave a talk.

As the event drew to a close, David Saúl Guakil said that he has always tried to acknowledge women which is why 75% of the staff in his companies are women.

He highlighted that women are the ones who steer the family ship and it is up to them that the ship arrives safely to port, which is why we have to thank them for being part of a good family.

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