David Saúl Guakil, Movimiento Ciudadano Senate candidate, emphasizes that "a change for Baja California is urgent"

The businessman explained that Movimiento Ciudadano is a committed party that understands people's issues and knows how to resolve them

Movimiento Ciudadano Senate candidate, David Saúl Guakil, stated that the current government is full of people with an excessive lust for power and money, and that they have blocked growth and productivity. However, he revealed that MC is moving forward with a lot of strength in the upcoming elections.

The businessman stated that they are going to bet on people reasoning their vote and not exchange it for groceries or money.

The Orange party candidate met on Tuesday afternoon with young businesspeople at the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (CANIRAC) Tijuana Delegation, led by Diego González, with whom he agreed that the government has not supported companies. On the contrary, it has dedicated itself to block them through excessive regulations, insurmountable fines, and even persecution.

During the recent COVID 19 pandemic, he underscored, Mexico was the only country in the world that did not support its business sector, which is something that the US government, countries in Europe, and smaller nations like Guatemala and El Salvador did. But in our country authorities "don't know how much it costs to spend money and are only looking to collect more no matter how."

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Guakil foresees a scenario in which people are tired on June 2, similar to the one that Baja California lived 35 years ago with PRI and 5 years ago with PAN, when society was tired of fines and corruption and voted for new options. Although he said that MC is unlikely to win a "complete mandate", he does foresee great progress with deputies, mayor's offices, and Senate seats because they have good profiles and they are working on them.

David Saúl Guakil rejected biased polls that the party in power only does among its sympathizers and spreads only to influence the mood among the electorate. True results will be seen at the booth, he said, which is what happened with Jalisco Governor, Enrique Alfaro, who was down in the polls and ended up winning, and Samuel García of Nuevo Leó who, three times in a row, when he ran as a federal representative, senator, and governor, was always down in the polls and ended up winning.

He said that this doesn't happen overnight or falls from the sky, and that’s why they are working strongly on campaigns to convince society that Movimiento Ciudadano is the best option, because we are people who do good who look towards the future, that understand people's issues, and know how to resolve them, and above all, they are not going to kill the "golden goose" as current state authorities are doing incorrectly.

"There comes a point in life when money stops being a priority and what you want to do is to leave a legacy for your community," he said saying that he has reached that point, of trying to serve and trying to solve the situation "because things do not look good with so much insecurity, trash, lack of support for businesses, corruption, etcetera."

Things are not going well, he insisted, as insecurity instead of being resolved is getting worse, the lack of infrastructure has gotten worse and worse, fiscal law has not being followed and not leaving enough budget for states and municipalities, and that cities have been torn to pieces. Regarding health, 50 million Mexicans were left out of basic services when, in one decree, Seguro Popular was eliminated, and the cost of living has been increasingly gotten higher due to accelerating inflation, and above all, they are trying to get rid of the division of branches.

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In front of young owners of restaurants, he said that despite the difficulties, they have managed to expand the gastronomic offerings of the city, positioning it as the main reason why tourists visit. David Saúl Guakil stated that the government has not supported the country's productive capacity, forgetting that this is an industry that creates wealth through job creation and tax payments, and then resolves the problem by giving a lot of fines and regulations.

He highlighted that the proposal by Movimiento Ciudadano is a government that supports everyone equally and that benefits companies that create wealth to benefit everyone, regardless of social status or political affiliation, because parties are for elections. Once these have passed, however, colors are gone and everyone has to work equally "so that everyone does well."

He stated that the three main problems in Baja California that he will address in the Senate are the following: lack of water, because in 27 years water will run out in the state and this is not being resolved right now; lack of efficient laws to protect children; and the fight against insecurity with just one command that avoids so many organizations, as they only promote corruption. All of these issues must be dealt with immediately and this is not happening, he emphasized.


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