Candidates David Saúl Guakil and Argelia Núñez climb to 2nd place in Senate polls

Halfway through the federal electoral campaign, pollster Wiccanths, S. de R.L. has placed them in 2nd place

Pollster Wiccanths, S. de R.L. has placed David Saúl Guakil and Argelia Núñez of Movimiento Ciudadano in 2nd place for the Mexican Senate election, only below the MORENA candidates, just halfway through the electoral campaign in Mexico.

The poll was made between April 7 and April 12 in 17 Local Electoral Districts that are part of the state, in a universe of 2,160 Baja Californians with a voter ID and a -+ 5% margin of error.

When asked, "If elections were held today, who would you vote for Senator?", 31% said Julieta Ramírez and Armando Ayala, of MORENA, but 19% chose MC candidates David Saúl Guakil and Argelia Núñez de Hoyos.

14% voted for Gustavo Sánchez and Guadalupe Gutiérrez, of PAN-PRI, the 4th place was given to Juan Carlos Hank and Mónica Vega of Verde Ecologista, and 5th place was given to former governor Bonilla, of PT, with only 8%. Meanwhile, 18% of people polled said that they still don't know who to vote for on June 2.

Wiccanths, S. de R.L. revealed the result of this poll today when the campaigns of the 7 candidates for the mayor's offices of the 7 municipalities of the state, alongside the 17 local representative candidates, began.

On his first day campaigning, alongside the candidate for the municipal presidency of Tijuana, Karla Ruiz MacFarland, “in the neighborhood that saw her grow up: Colonia Castillo”, David Saúl Guakil made a call for people to be united and to work together, because "what is good is built by society."

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