Marina del Pilar boosts fishing and aquaculture industry in Baja California

In total, more than 38.9 million pesos will be allocated to benefit producers of this industry

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, announced new actions to boost the fishing and aquaculture industry in the region; programs that have represented investments of 38.9 million pesos to benefit the quality of life of the state's producers.

The governor pointed out that, for 2024, strategic projects were prioritized to benefit fishing and aquaculture producers while also strengthening coordination with CONAPESCA and actions to train fishermen in all the corners of Baja California.

For her part, the head of the Secretariat of Fishing and Aquaculture (SEPESCA BC), Alma Rosa García Juárez, highlighted that this industry is 3rd place nationwide, while aquaculture is in 4th place, which means that Baja California offers high-quality products.

The official explained several different actions such as the obtaining of fishing permits, small boats certifications, meeting environmental impact requirements, trainings, and regularizations, among others, that directly benefit hundreds of families.

García Juárez highlighted the commercial promotion of local, national, and international markets to promote sustainable consumption of tourism and seafood, which is why bonds with countries such as Japan have been strengthened while techniques to improve the quality and value of the products have been imported.

In addition, actions to boost the development of 7 larvae and oyster seed labs in the state have been carried out due to the growing demand of biological products. Fishing communities have been trained to obtain oyster larvae in coupellas and resources have been managed to build a certified plant to package oysters in San Quintin.

Lastly, the Secretary revealed that, according to the State Program to Support the Fishing, Aquaculture, and Sport Fishing Industry, 13.2 million pesos will be allocated just this year. This is in addition to the 17.7 million pesos that will be used for strategic projects such as "Pescando con el Corazón", "Motores fuera de borda", Aquaculture Prevention and Surveillance, Sanitation, and Safety, and Financing.

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