What options does a patient have to fight cancer?

ITC has several different alternative treatments that can work effectively

The severity of cancer tends to cloud, not without good reason, patients and their loved ones' hope and prospects. However, cancer is not an infallible disease. Currently, there is a variety of minimally invasive alternative treatments with no side effects that can be used to treat this disease.

However, choosing the proper treatment can be difficult. There's a series of factors that must be taken into account and they can range from the state of the patient to their economic situation. Because we know how complicated this can be, we'll tell you about the best option to fight cancer through alternative treatments.

Immunity Therapy Center, located in the city of Tijuana and specialized in cancer treatments, has 20 years of experience in this area and a wide range of therapy plans and personalized treatments that include checking the current status of the patient, their initial diagnosis, and their medical history as well as the physical and mental health that the patient currently has as these factors determine the changes.

The general system managed by ITC has been created to aid in the improvement of the patients' mood and physical health. The entire venue and the specialist team are trained to completely recover the patient's health.

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Among the alternative treatments offered by ITC there are bio-emotional balance therapy, whose goal is to obtain emotional stability to prevent stressful situations; intravenous soursop therapy that, according to scientific studies, stimulates apoptosis in cancerous cells; hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which consists of giving the patient additional completely pure oxygen under elevated pressure inside a hyperbaric chamber; and immunotherapy, which consists of different protocols to strengthen the immune system and destroy cancerous cells.

These are some of the minimally invasive treatments and therapies offered by ITC to treat cancer, whose goal is to provide you with the best option to recover your health and let you enjoy a better quality of life.

Immunity Therapy Center is located strategically in the city of Tijuana, a few minutes away from the San Ysidro Port of Entry, at Blvd. Padre Kino no. 10133, Zona Urbana Río, and a few meters away from the access to the Tijuana International Airport. It is a certified specialized center to treat cancer.


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