Artwalk will transform Playas de Rosarito into the epicenter of binational art this weekend

COTUCO Rosarito invites you to enjoy this free event that will gather art, gastronomy, and immersive experiences for the whole family

Transformed into one of the unmissable artistic dates of the year, Artwalk Rosarito celebrates its 4th edition on May 25 and May 26, gathering more than 60 plastic artists from Mexico and the United States.

Centro Estatal de las Artes Rosarito (CEART) will be the venue of this festival that transcends borders and celebrates creativity. This event stars the exhibition “Tierras únicas / Identidades de Baja California”, by acclaimed and emerging artists that express through their artworks the beauty, colors, textures, diversity, and cultural wealth that represent our state and offer a sensorial journey to the public.

Attendants of the CaliBaja region will be able to enjoy this free, family friendly, and pet friendly event where several artworks such as sculptures, ceramic, paintings, and handicrafts will be showcased.

This event will have special guests from Oaxaca, Mexico City, Morelos, Jalisco, and the United States. There will also be a series of 8 literary presentations and book signings by distinguished Baja Californian writers.

The 4th edition of Artwalk Rosarito will take place from 10 AM to 7 PM. This is an art festival for all ages where you'll be able to find interactive augmented reality experiences inside the world of Frida Kahlo and La Catrina.

Artwalk: A stage of cultural expression and binational exchange

Artwalk is a festival that reflects the essence of Baja California, the history behind every artist, and the border narrative, attracting foreign and local tourists.

Licentiate César River, president of the Committee of Tourism and Conventions of Rosarito (COTUCO) recalled that this event is a stage in which artists and spectators join together in a cultural exchange with no borders, where the binational identity is celebrated and explored.

"We have the biggest community of artists and artisans of Playas de Rosarito, and due to their cultural warmth, it is very important for the Committee of Tourism and Conventions to be able to support this type of events that promote this diversity and offer an experience for buyers and collectors to see and enjoy works of art. They can also get to know and speak with artists," the president of COTUCO Rosarito said at a press conference.

Rivera invited foreign tourists and gallery owners of California to enjoy this experience during the celebrations of Memorial Day weekend.

American tourists who wish to visit this festival will be able to ask for a completely guided tour by Art Scene Baja. This tour will begin with a pleasant ride from Balboa Park San Diego to Artwalk in Playas de Rosarito. Price is only $48 dollars and it includes a round trip on Saturday 25.

Discover the artists of Artwalk 2024

More than 60 artists will be present in the 4th edition of Artwalk 2024, offering a great variety of works for all tastes and ages.

After the press conference by COTUCO Rosarito, San Diego Red had the chance to speak with Trillizos Torres Pacheco, three talented plastic artists that are part of this event.

Brothers Leonel, Lorenzo, and Luis are a trio of talented artists that has found inspiration in the contrasts and diversity that characterize the border city. They have captured this on their series “Tijuanerías”.

"Our paintings are surrealistic compositions where we use the donkey-zebra as a protagonist (...) this character is named "El Tijuana or La Tijuana" and it is an icon that represents the land and identity of Baja California," Leonel said.

“Descubriendo Tijuana” is an artwork that represents a key moment in the history of the life of the Torres brothers as it is a vague memory of their first years of life when they were brought by their mother to this border city.

Another piece titled “¡Atrás!” is an artistic representation of childhood and traditional marble games.

"When we were kids, we really valued marbles. We were very small and we did not want to play with them, because we thought they were too pretty to lose them. Then we played among us," Leonel said.

Another artist that is part of this festival is young talent Carlos Delgato, a Playas de Rosarito native, who through techniques such as collage, photography, and engraving has captured his vision of the fauna and native nature of the region.

"This platform has helped a lot as a broadcasting medium of my projects because I find a very direct connection with my clients and collectors. At the same time, this means a challenge that becomes increasingly more personal that allows me to offer something new to my buyers," the artist explained.

Carlos said that this edition is very special for him because it is a communication barrier that allows him to influence new generations and create connections with the youngest people.

"In this edition, I have small engravings, a work that is not really done in Baja California and consists of a plaque of synthetic materials where one makes a picture and with a special tool that is called a gouge you can begin to carve so make a kind of seal. Then, from this seal you make an imprint (...) it is a very versatile technique and accessible for all public," Delgato said.

Artwalk Rosarito gathers projects from other artists such as Claudia Lucero, Beatriz Lelevier, GRECO, Norma Morgan, Tirso Cuevas, Carlos Delgato, Janette Delgadillo, Olga Barrón, Tania Olivares, Luz Olivia Navarro, Alexis Ramírez, Ismael López, Cecilia González, and Ana Valenzuela, among others.

There will also be a space dedicated to students of the Faculty of Arts of Universidad Autónoma de Baja California.

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About Artwalk Rosarito

This event began in 2008, when it was called "Rosarito Art Fest", and it was a proposal by the artistic community to strengthen economic development through art.

After the pandemic, they decided to change their format, little by little, from festival to art fair, which is why the name was changed to Artwalk Rosarito.

It should be noted that this event has evolved and has adapted to contemporary changes and trends, offering an experience that has transcended borders and has managed to position itself.

Artwalk 2024 Program

Artwalk Rosarito Opening Ceremony and "Tierras Únicas: Identidades De Baja California" exhibition, Saturday, May 25 at 12 PM

Artwalk Rosarito book presentations in the CEART Rosarito reading room:

Saturday, May 25

  • 1:00 PM: “Matices de una mente joven”. Anthology by students of CECyTE ROSARITO
  • 2:30 PM: “ELIOT un perro de la calle”, by writer Verónica Salgado.
  • 4:00pm: “̈Lectura de su obra”, by writer Sandra Victoria Ramos.
  • 5:30 PM: “Caminar juntas” by writers Yolanda Morales and Andrea Chavarín.

Sunday, May 26

  • 11:30 AM: “̈Crónica del Silencio”, by writer Enrique Trejo Moreno.
  • 1:00 PM: “Y muy tarde comprendí”, by writer Pedro Ochoa.
  • 2:30 PM: “Buzón de notas de vida”. Anthology by writers Alicia Acuña Sandoval, Siyu, Claudia Santiago Vázquez, Edith Florez Félix, Pitty Lamar, Margarita Arroyo Alfaro (Elimar), and Jorge Rodarte Corro.
  • 4:00 PM: “El murmullo entre las viñas”, by writer Diana Heredia.
  • 5:30 PM: “Una Eternidad y mil más por pasar”, by writer Alessandro Cervantes.

To learn more, check out the social media pages of Artwalk Rosarito:

Facebook: artwalkrosarito
Instagram: @artwalkrosarito

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