Taquería in Tijuana excels with mega tacos

Despite being called "El Picante", this taquería was more surprising for the size of its tacos and its good taste.

Photo by: Carlos Osuna

Located at Cabo San Lázaro #19918 Ampliación Guaycura in Tijuana, the taquería "El Picante" surprised chef Danny Betancourt with the size of its tacos rather than its sauces as might be expected.

As part of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, we visited this place in the city to know what is special about their tacos, taste them, and rate them; for this the chef ordered a chicken taco and an adobada taco.

Among the highlights of Danny's chicken taco, which was not only marinated and grilled, is that the tortilla did not fit in the palm of his hand, and it also had a double tortilla.

When he took the first bite, the chef recognized that it had a lot of flavor, but to intensify the mixture of these flavors he added a few drops of lemon, which gave the taco the touch it was missing. This is how Danny rated it with an 8.6.

As for the adobada taco, it did not disappoint and was also "very generous", both in size and portion. In addition, the color of the adobada at first glance was very promising.

After tasting it, the chef preferred to continue enjoying it, although his face said it all. Finally he said: "the adobada has enough flavor, the portion is generous, the avocado is liquid". However, before grading it, he decided to take another bite. Once he finished, he gave it a 9.2 rating.

Video: "Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana": Taquería El Picante


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