“Tortas WashMobile” in Tijuana distinguishes itself due to the delicious special marinade of its carne asada

Chef Danny found a very special marinade in these tortas

On this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, Chef Danny decided to make a special episode as our host went to one of the city’s most iconic places: “Tortas WashMobile” located at Ave. Jalisco, Colonia Dávila (Cacho). On this occasion he tried their classic carne asada torta priced at $5 dollars ($100 pesos).

Carne Asada Torta

This torta has carne asada (grilled beef), guacamole, tomato, onion, red sauce, purple onion, and is served on ciabatta bread. Though it is true that the show dynamic changed by trying a carne asada torta, Chef Danny said that it has ingredients that are quite similar to a carne asada taco, which is why he would judge the meat and its accompaniments.

When he took his first bite, our host was impressed by the meat, which was very soft and it also had a marinade with a special flavor, where he detected some bittersweet orange touches.

This torta had true guacamole made only with avocado flesh. One thing to note is that the bread was a little bit dry, though it was fried outside, the breadcrumbs were lacking in humidity.

Without a doubt the meat was the star of this dish. Both the presence of the coal where it was cooked as well as the marinade gave it a unique flavor, which is why this torta gets a rating of 9.1.

Price: $5 dollars ($100 pesos)


Click here to find out more about Tortas WashMobile on their Facebook page!

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