Cancer clinics in Tijuana: Costs

Alternative medical center Immunity Therapy Center has multiple payment methods to take care of your finances

Difficulties caused by cancer ailments are multiple and they not only attack patients’ health, but also their family members and loved ones’ peace and their economy.

Every treatment means a demand both for the doctor and the patient because what is being risked is life itself. It is not strange then that the cost of this is quite significant.

In the United States, this has started to become a problem when it comes to cancer. Treatment costs are varied and may range between 15,000 and 50,000 dollars per month. These costs can increase depending on the state and the kind of cancer that one has.

To understand these situations the term “financial toxicity” has been coined which means the situation where a person diagnosed with cancer goes through as they slowly witness their income and finances decreasing, as well as their entertainment and rest opportunities. This affects not only the patient, but also their family.

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High medicine and treatment costs have forced families to reorganize economically in order to pay the costs, with no guarantee of life. Another unfortunate problem is that cancer is not a fixed ailment; in fact, it is the opposite, as it consumes the patient. If a family runs out of savings before cancer is eradicated, it can come back more aggressively and kill the patient.

The fight against cancer is a fight against time. In Mexico, this situation is just as unfortunate. Taking into account Mexican patients’ socioeconomic status, the landscape looks even more critical. According to the Health Institute, for people diagnosed with stage 1 cancer the cost can reach up to 74,000 pesos while for people in stage 4, the cost can increase all the way to 199,000 pesos.

Alexander Mils on Unsplash
Alexander Mils on Unsplash

What option do patients have to survive this situation?

A good starting point is to make a decision that should, in all cases, be made by specialists whose main goal is to recover the patient’s health. Conventional medicine doesn’t risk treatments on patients who have an unfavorable landscape. When life can be rescued, they make an effort; when they face complicated situations, they do not.

A trustworthy option is Immunity Therapy Center, located in the city of Tijuana. To be able to access their costs and payment methods, one only needs to make a completely free call where an assistant will provide you with the information that you need related to your finances. It should be noted that ITC has a variety of payment methods, as well as plans that are adjusted to fit patients’ needs.

The main priority is health; then, the economic side of things. Just as there is a variety of therapies that adapt to each patient’s specific needs, there is also a great variety of openings so that patients can afford their treatments.

Part of the ITC philosophy is that the wellbeing of the patient can be achieved totally, i.e., everything influences the improvement of health. From the first moment one comes into contact with administrative and medical staff to the way one pays for their treatments.

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ITC has several payment methods for their treatments. For example, one of them is weekly payments. ITC doctors ask for at least a period of three weeks of treatments so that the patient themselves can experience a significant health recovery. This doesn’t mean that one has to pay for these three weeks in one single payment, as one is able to pay it weekly. The amounts are not arbitrary and sometimes are even flexible as much as one’s economy allows it.

There is also support by medical insurer Med Loan Finance who is in charge of looking for the best payment plan for ITC patients, and whose history is all about helping several people with their different credit situations, which are backed by loaners and medical providers.

BBVA is another trustworthy option. As a company, they are committed, alongside ITC, to look for the best payment options for patients.

If your economic situation is even more complicated, you can use the GoFundMe platform, which is a place where people with few resources can ask for help to cover the treatment expenses offered by ITC. It should be noted that the GoFundMe platform is one of the leading fundraising brands for communities.

Abacus Life is also another insurer who has 15 years of experience and focuses on assisting seniors to cover their medical needs, especially when it comes to serious conditions such as cancer.

As one of patients’ main concerns is in regards to insurance coverage, American Health Alliance (AMHA) acts as a third party in favor of patients against medical groups when bills cannot be covered. It is precisely when this happens that they have managed to achieve great success in paying bills with PPO policies.

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ITC has a variety of options to cover your treatment costs. However, the most outstanding thing about this is knowing that ITC staff understands the pressing situation that having a debilitating disease such as cancer is. They also understand that daily life is just as hard, which is why a patient’s first interaction with doctors is done through flexibility and comprehension.

Immunity Therapy Center is an alternative medical center with a humane approach. Their subject of study has always been patients’ lives. Everything else is sustained by circumstances and can be resolved in different ways, however, life itself needs proper care so that one can find a solution to their cancer ailments.

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Types of alternative cancer treatments

More than 21 alternative therapies and natural treatments for cancer are combined with traditional treatments. Some of the options are:

Enzyme therapy
• Vitamin and mineral therapies
• Oxygen therapy
• biomagnetic therapy
• Laser therapy
• HALO therapy
• Hyperthermia

It is important to note that most stays are for six weeks, but depending on the patient and the progress of their condition, this period may be longer or shorter. Instructions are provided so that the patient can continue their treatment at home after leaving the center.

This type of treatment is unique because of its use of alternative therapy, and therefore not covered by medical insurance, so each patient must pay for his or her own expenses. Patients can contact the center for help finding the best payment option.

Most patients come to the center accompanied by a loved one, so that they have the support and company of someone they trust, which is crucial when undergoing treatment for disease.

To learn more about the center and its therapies, visit the following link. This could be the life opportunity you’ve been looking for.

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Alternative Cancer Treatment in Mexico | Survivor Testimonials

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