Celebrate Taco Day in one of the 5 best taquerias in Tijuana

The house specialty: our city offers delicious carne asada, seafood, birria, and adobada tacos, and much more!

It is almost March 31! A day that celebrates the traditions and delicious flavor of Mexican gastronomy: Taco Day, an important celebration for taco lovers that represents our country so well.

It is a date in which many restaurants and taco stands offer promotions and discounts, making it an ideal option to enjoy and share them with friends and family, and reminding us of the importance that this dish has in Mexico and the world's cultural gastronomy.

In Tijuana, there are dozens of taquerias, but not all of them are good, and though each person has their favorite taco place, we have asked an artificial intelligence (AI) program, "What are the best tacos in the city?"

Though an AI has no ability to eat, when asked about its favorite taquerias it does offer a list of recommendations. So here is a list of the 5 best taquerias according to ChatGPT.

Tacos ‘El Francés’

Known for its authentic adobada meat and its lively environment, this taqueria is a local favorite and a mandatory destination for taco lovers in Tijuana.

This place is so popular that there is a Facebook group called "Cómo está la línea en Tacos el Francés" (How long is the line at Tacos El Francés).

In one of our episodes of "Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana", Chef Danny Betancourt tried their famous adobada tacos and was quite surprised: "In each bite, I was able to taste the flavor from beginning to end. The meat is super delicious and juicy," he said.

Click here if you wish to watch the full review!

If you haven't visited this place, it is located at P.º Playas de Tijuana 1442, Playas, Costa de Oro.

Tacos El Poblano

Specialized in carne asada tacos, this taqueria is appreciated for offering tender and juicy meat and delicious homemade salsas.

Chef Danny Betancourt went to “Tacos El Poblano", located at Boulevard Cucapah, Las Torres 411, Lomas del Matamoros, and claimed that the carne asada tacos had a good marinade with orange critics and several condiments which gave it an excellent flavor that is "very well-seasoned and juicy".

Though the guacamole did not really convince our host, we invite you to try it yourself and judge its flavor.

Tacos El Gordo

This taqueria is famous for its variety of tacos which includes adobada, carne asada, tongue, and head tacos. Their tacos are known for their authentic flavor and their generous meat portions.

"Tacos El Gordo" is located at José Cerda 16, Buena Vista, Burocrata Ruiz Cortinez, 22406.

The thing that stands out the most here is the adobada tacos. Chef Danny Betancourt went to this place and said that the meat had a delicious flavor: "The texture is incredible, the adobada is crunchy outside, but juicy inside." He also said that the Mexican husk tomato salsa with chile de árbol created a good flavor contrast.

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Tacos El Mazateño

This restaurant stands out due to their Ensenada style fish tacos, a delicacy for seafood lovers. The fresh and crunchy fish, combined with fresh and delicious ingredients, makes of their tacos a memorable experience.

The best shrimp taco in the world is made here with incomparable seasoning. It is the perfect option for those who wish to eat seafood during the Holy Week.

On “Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana”, Chef Danny Betancourt went to this famous restaurant and tried 2 of its specialties: the octopus and shrimp machaca taco and the perrón especial taco. If you wish to know more about this visit, check out the following link: Time to enjoy the Holy Week! Tijuana has the best shrimp taco in the world

Tacos Salseados

Specialized in Sonora style carne asada tacos, Tacos Salseados offers a unique experience with its juicy and well-seasoned meat, accompanied by fresh and delicious garnish.

For those who prefer seafood tacos, their salmon taco stands out as it is served with the word "Tijuana" spelled with a type of dressing.

Served on a handmade corn tortilla, its combination of flavors and the cheese cream with a thick texture that complements the avocado's creaminess stand out.

These tacos are located at Calzada Ermita Nte. 30, Santa Cruz.

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It should be noted that ChatGPT makes this compilation based on the variety of tacos and salsas, but above all, the rating and popularity of these taquerias.

We know that the best taquerias in the city can vary depending on each person's taste. These are some recommendations of what Tijuana has to offer, but the city is full of gastronomic gems that are worth exploring. What do you think about these options? Have you tried them?

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