Where to treat stage 4 cancer in Mexico?

In Tijuana, there is a medical center that has a great variety of treatments based on the patient’s needs

Stage 4 cancer is the process in which this disease spreads from the place it originated to somewhere else in the body. This process is known as metastatic cancer. Data says that 92% of deaths due to cancer were not detected in time and this is due to this metastasizing process.

One of the difficulties when presented with a metastatic cancer diagnosis is knowing where the cancer originated. The metastasized cancer diagnosis is not a new cancer but the extension of an initial diagnosis. That's why it is called stage 4 of a first diagnosis. As such, the treatment must be applied on the place of origin in phase 4. Another problem due to this diagnosis is the fact that there are no symptoms that characterize it, unless the sizes of the metastatic tumors are big enough to produce pain in patients. This extension occurs through blood vessels or through lymph node walls.

The first medical intervention for this phase is often the one that breaks or delays the progress of this disease. If one manages to detect the cancer in time, the patient can live for years, according to the National Cancer Institute. The treatment that is generally applied to patients diagnosed with stage 4 is palliative treatments focused on terminal patients. In most cancer cases, patients, regardless of which phase they are in, receive palliative treatments.

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In Mexico, receiving cancer treatment is a complicated task, due to the lack of medications in the country that should supply the country's health centers. In private medical centers, there is a different problem. High costs of conventional medicine can lead to impossible price numbers that a normal person cannot pay. With these obstacles, one also has to add the stage 4 cancer diagnosis, which means there is a race against time.

Fortunately, there is a viable and accessible option in the city of Tijuana. Immunity Therapy Center has the necessary experience to face off against the adversities caused by stage 4 cancer in the patient.

Through non-invasive and state-of-the-art processes, ITC shows patients a viable and safe alternative to recover their health and life. Treatments offered by this medical center are part of a variety of alternative treatments based on patients' needs.

This medical approach and philosophy allows ITC to modify therapies and create unique treatment combinations, depending on what the patient requires. This variety of options allows patients diagnosed with stage 4 to find hope in healing through alternative therapies.

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The specialized medical team at ITC has years of experience treating patients who are going through metastasis. This experience is a guarantee for patients that are facing this type of disease, which, according to traditional medicine, have very few positive options. However, ITC has a different approach than traditional medicine and has found positive variables to help patients recover their health and life.

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Alternative Cancer Treatment in Mexico | Survivor Testimonials

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