3 non-invasive treatments that help us to fight cancer

Immunity Therapy Center offers a series of minimally invasive cancer treatments that allow patients to have a dignified life after the disease

Cancer is one of the main causes of death nowadays. It is also one of the conditions that affects our family members more deeply, emotionally and economically speaking.

Cancer is a disease that can attack anywhere in the human body, multiplying cells without control. These cells, if they are not stopped in time, then spread to the rest of the body.

Modern medicine has searched for ways to counteract and eliminate this disease through therapies that consist in the administration of chemical substances (chemotherapy) which, in many cases, can give favorable results at first, but then, as days go by, their side effects stop the patient from enjoying a sound and healthy life.

That's why new alternatives that can provide long-term relief to patients are being sought.

In today's article, we'll tell you about four alternative therapies offered by Immunity Therapy Center located in Tijuana. As they are minimally invasive, they don't cause adverse side effects on patients, and they provide the certainty that patients can recover their normal lives.

Immunotherapy treatment

This is a cancer treatment with long-lasting results whose effects can last long after therapy has been finished.

Immunotherapy consists of several different types of medications, which attack antigens, whose goal is to attack cancer. Administering can be done through pills or oral tablets; topical creams, which are usually used during skin cancer's first stages; intravenous infusions (IV); through specific treatments with transference factors; intravesical injections through the bladder or intratumoral injections.

This treatment duration depends on the physical reaction of each patient.

Immunotherapy consists of stimulating healthy cells so that they are the ones that fight the cancerous cells. It is a process in which an attempt to stimulate our immune system so that it works by itself in order to counteract this issue is made.

It should be noted that this treatment can be extended more than chemotherapy, as doctors have to make sure that the immune system is really reacting according to what has been established.

It is a less invasive treatment in comparison with conventional cancer treatments and that's why it has less adverse side effects.

Oxygen Therapy

This treatment is designed to completely cover tumors and cancerous cells with oxygen. Theories state that introducing an excess amount of oxygen in tumors can kill cancerous cells and prevent their proliferation, forcing the tumor to close. Studies say that the oxygenation of tumor hypoxic cells can increase sensitivity to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, making them more efficient.

This procedure consists of putting the patient in a chamber with a controlled amount of oxygen until substances with oxygen manage to get inside the tumors through oral injections.

Types of oxygen therapy

Hydrogen peroxide IV

This is a compound with oxygen, which is believed to be harmful to cancerous cells. Through intravenous infusions (IV) of hydrogen peroxide, controlled levels of this substance can be introduced to potentially attack cancerous cells, decreasing the tumor's growth and progress.

UVB Ozone

Through this treatment, the patient's blood is exposed to an ultraviolet light so that it can be reintroduced into the body. This produces oxidative effects such as ozone therapy that can help to increase oxygen levels.

Autohemotherapy with ozone

Autohemotherapy with ozone is the removal of the patient's blood from their body. After that, this blood is injected with ozone gas to increase its oxygenation before being reintroduced into the bloodstream. This treatment helps to increase blood flow and it stimulates the patient's immune system.

Rectal Ozone Insufflation

During this treatment, ozone is introduced into the patient's body directly through the patient's rectum. Theories say that oxygen is absorbed more easily through the rectum walls, making it more efficient.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

In this therapy, the patient with cancer is placed in a special chamber of hyperbaric oxygen so that they can breathe in pure oxygen with levels higher than in a normal environment. The goal of this treatment is to fill the blood with enough oxygen so that it can repair damaged tissue and, once restored, it can function correctly once again.

Vitamin and mineral supplements

An important part of therapies and cancer treatments consists in reactivating the immune system so that it can function properly. Studies have said that vitamin and mineral supplements can reduce the risk of secondary cancers.

Most patients tend to take nutrients and antioxidants that help to stabilize their immune system. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals, which contribute to cell damage and weaken the immune system.

Taking supplements that contribute to the reactivation of the immune system, such as vitamins and minerals, helps to reduce toxicity and the side effects from chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

These are the four therapies that are used by ITC specialists. One of the main features that they all share is that they are all minimally invasive medical procedures, which is why the patient has the guarantee that, once the cancer has disappeared, they can continue their life normally.

Immunity Therapy Center is located strategically in the city of Tijuana, a few minutes away from the San Ysidro Port of Entry at Blvd. Padre Kino no. 10133, Zona Urbana Río, and a few meters away from the access to the Tijuana International Airport. ITC is a specialized team with more than 20 years of experience in alternative medicine and natural therapies against cancer.

Learn More about Immunity Therapy Center

Types of alternative cancer treatments

More than 21 alternative therapies and natural treatments for cancer are combined with traditional treatments. Some of the options are:

Enzyme therapy
• Vitamin and mineral therapies
• Oxygen therapy
• biomagnetic therapy
• Laser therapy
• HALO therapy
• Hyperthermia

It is important to note that most stays are for six weeks, but depending on the patient and the progress of their condition, this period may be longer or shorter. Instructions are provided so that the patient can continue their treatment at home after leaving the center.

This type of treatment is unique because of its use of alternative therapy, and therefore not covered by medical insurance, so each patient must pay for his or her own expenses. Patients can contact the center for help finding the best payment option.

Most patients come to the center accompanied by a loved one, so that they have the support and company of someone they trust, which is crucial when undergoing treatment for disease.

To learn more about the center and its therapies, visit the following link. This could be the life opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Alternative Cancer Treatment in Mexico | Survivor Testimonials

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