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What happens if cancer treatment is refused?

Ethical principles in clinical practice have acquired greater relevance in the last few decades, providing a more humanistic approach to benefit the patient

Like all things that are subjected to the passage of time, the medical field has also evolved. One of the main areas where this evolution has been observed with greater clarity is ethics.

Ethical principles in clinical practice in patients have acquired greater relevance in the last few decades, which translates into decision making by the patient themselves and their loved ones.

Being diagnosed with cancer is always difficult to accept. However, it is essential to have adequate communication with the patient so that trust can remain for the future.

The patient must be informed about their diagnosis and the gravity of their situation. Regarding the medical team, it is necessary and even mandatory that they inform and recommend the convenience of doing more studies and undergoing treatment.

However, the patient has the right to refuse these recommendations. There are several different legitimate reasons based on moral principles, such as cultural and religious ones, that could influence someone refusing treatment.

Besides diagnosis, the entirety of a treatment plan, explanations around the disease, the stage in which the patient is in, and the location of the tumor can all seem to the patient as a burden that is too complicated to bear, making them refuse any kind of treatment.

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It is crucial to know why the patient is refusing this treatment. It could be an economic situation, and if this is the case, the doctor could recommend several different payment methods and foundations dedicated to providing support for people with cancer.

The reasons why a patient may refuse therapy are diverse. Immunity Therapy Center, specialized in cancer treatment, has highly qualified specialists in this area. ITC has an alternative vision, focused mainly on the needs of the patient, way above conventional modern medicine treatments.

It has an expansive menu of minimally invasive treatments that are restructured depending on the patient's needs. It is also supported by foundations and banking systems that make these treatments accessible for all patients.

One treatment can save one or thousands of lives. That's why it is necessary to give the patient all the alternatives so that they can save their life.

Immunity Therapy Center is located strategically in the city of Tijuana, a few minutes away from the San Ysidro Port of Entry, at Blvd. Padre Kino no. 10133, Zona Urbana Río, and a few meters away from the access to the Tijuana International Airport. It has more than 20 years of experience taking care and treating patients with cancer.

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