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Best of Baja 2016: Best Munchies Goes to "El Truck Nuestro"

El truck nuestro is the place to be after 1:00 am

"El Truck Nuestro" was the food truck that took over tacos and other night urban foods when people voted for their favorite late night snacks in the 2016 Edition of Best of Baja, in which the weird, but incredibly acclaimed torta de chilaquiles (tortilla with sauce inside torta bread) was the ultimate winner of the "Best Munchies" category.

This street food attracted many people last year, among which were fans of town's soccer team (Xolos), because every time a game ended, the right place to eat was at "El Truck Nuestro", which had its first space at Plaza Campestre.

After all this success, this food truck decided to open a new location in La Cacho neighborhood, where they open 24/7.

"El Truck Nuestro" has a great kitchen team behind their tasty munchies, people who are in charge of making the best out of this creation with tortilla, sauce, and bread, something that may not seem very interesting at first, but once you smell it, or see it, the things can be completely different.

Photo: Facebook- Truck Nuestro

Photo: Instagram @itsmefabian

Instagram @pablo_yanezplacencia

Although this food can be seen as an imitation of the traditional lunch or breakfast in Mexico City, these tortas have adapted to Tijuana's lifestyle. You can enjoy this dish with different sauces, red, green, mole, and cilantro. Added to that, "El Truck Nuestro" also offers potatoes filled with chilaquiles, to which you can add chicken or meat.

If you want to go extreme, then you can always ask for this potato to be part of the torta, and BOOM, you have a monstruos but delicious creation.

"El Truck Nuestro" will open a new space in Plaza Fiesta at El tigre Bar in a few days. Don't miss it!

These tortas are officially the best munchies in the region, or at least that's what foodies think. We hope you can find more and more locations with time. If you have the chance of trying this tasty dish, then you should definitely go for it.

Congratulations, El Truck Nuestro!

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