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5 Beers You Should Drink at Tijuana's Public House

Insurgente's best beer is waiting for you tonight

If you ever feel like having several craft beers and don't have enough time to make a tap room tour in Mexico's Craft Beer capital, Tijuana, then you should just go to Public House, where you will find amazing varieties and brews you hardly find in just one bar in the city.

Every weekend, Public House features 12 different tap beers, local beers, and some special ones from the United States or Germany, without including all the fridge variety.

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Here are 5 unmissable options you should try in your next Public House visit. New beers, limited edition, and secret ones.


This is one of the flagship beers from Insurgente and it started selling in several Baja Tap rooms since last Wednesday. This is a Mocha Stout seasonal beer that is worth every penny from your pocket, you can have it bottled or from the tap.

2.- Faisán Porter

This beer is brought directly from Mexicali and is made at Faisán's Brewery. Touches of coffee, vanilla and chocolate are going to drive you and your palate crazy, and now you can enjoy it at Public House. You can have it in a 8/16 oz cup served from the tap.

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3.- Neptuno from Tridente Brewery

This a Hefeweizen from another Mexicali brewery and is very rare you find one in Tijuana, at least you go to some specific Baja Med Restaurants. Neptuno is an ideal choice for a warm day.

4.- Día de los Serranos from Green Flash

Green Flash is one of the most know breweries from San Diego and its beers can be found in several spots in Tijuana, but Día de los Serranos is exclusive of few tap rooms and bars. This beer has been described by U.S. residents as Chile Beer and as an Imperial Stout for people who enjoy spicy touches in their beers.

5.-Mutualismo Oatmeal

This is one of the "secret" beers distributed in the city. Mutualismo Oatmeal Stout is full of amazing flavors, such as coconut and vanilla and it has a 6 proof of alcohol, a beer you definitely don't find that easy. Enjoy it served directly from the tap.

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